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Universal Orlando Packing List: The Must Haves (and Have Nots)

Universal is bomb. It is perfect for older kids, and offers a few things for the youngest of travelers. It is worth a stop for most people, particularly if you are adding it to a Disney World vacation. Universal does not require nearly the amount of planning that a good trip to Disney necessitates, but […]

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Movies to Watch Before Going to Disney World: A Year’s Worth of Planning

Disney is a machine that holds a massive portfolio of intellectual property. Disney isn’t new to this whole money making thing, so it knows it can use the same intellectual property in more than one way to rake in even more. You may be asking yourself, “What should I do before going to Disney World?” […]

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Adding Universal To Your Disney Vacation: Totally Doable

Universal Orlando Resort is awesome, but you will be hard pressed to fill a week there. By day four, you will understand why Bill Murray took off in that pickup truck with Punxsutawney Phil. If it isn’t worth it for you to incur the expense and hassle of flying to Orlando for just a couple […]

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Vacation Upgrades That Are Worth It: Avoid A Shining Sequel

Family travel can be challenging. It is a luxury and a privilege that many don’t enjoy, but everyone who has done it for any length of time can relate to Clark Griswold. Stress is amplified when travel conditions are not ideal. Invest in some vacation upgrades that are worth it to decrease your odds of […]

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Day Trips Hotels Points and Miles Theme Parks

Theme Park Travel Tips: Top Ten with Little Kids

Theme parks get a bad rap from sophisticated travelers. They’re hot, crowded, touristy, filled with people with terrible manners, and come with a serious upcharge. There is no getting around these things. However, there are theme park travel tips you can use while planning and visiting that will help you look past the theme park […]

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Abbey Resort and Avani Spa Lake Geneva: Perfect Girls Weekend

The Abbey Resort and Avani Spa is a small slice of heaven. Hot tubs bubble, crab legs flow, and middle-aged women party like it’s 2002 (until their bedtimes at 11:00 p.m.). The resort lacks children, a huge plus if you are traveling without your own. It is a bit of a haul through the middle […]

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Disneyland Trip Planning: Save Money and Maximize Your Trip

The Disneyland Resort is amazing. The parks are fun, the weather is awesome, everything is conveniently located, and you have almost no chance of being attacked by an alligator on your way to Tom Sawyer Island. It is definitely worth a trip. There is no shortage of information about planning a trip to Disney World, […]

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Twenty Must Dos at Universal Orlando Theme Park

Universal Orlando has a lot to do, from nauseating motion simulators, to characters, to nauseating motion simulators, to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then back to nauseating motion simulators again for good measure. There is some great stuff that doesn’t require Dramamine. If your time is limited, there are some must dos at Universal […]

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Retention Offers Explained: Should You Pay That Annual Fee?

Travel credit cards are amazing. They have allowed us to travel more often without sacrificing other necessities, like hard seltzer and dental visits. But what about all those annual fees? Should you really spend several hundred dollars per year to keep the cards? No. Enter retention offers. Some people wonder how to get a retention […]

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Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa: Nice but Overpriced (at Least in the Summer)

We recently spent a long weekend at Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa. The resort is nice and certainly has amazing views. However, unlike Timber Ridge in Lake Geneva with lots of options outside of the resort, there are really no restaurants near Crystal Mountain. This results in a lot of overpriced on property meals and […]

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