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LEGOLAND Florida Tips: Save Money and Maximize Your Trip

LEGOLAND Florida is no Disney. It is also not exactly down the street from Orlando. If you accept these facts and your kid loves LEGOs, the effort required to visit may be worth it to you. What LEGOLAND Florida tips do you need to save money and maximize your trip? What LEGOLAND Florida Tips Do […]

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Caribbean Disney Cruise Packing List: Don’t Go Crazy

Going on a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean is exciting. It must be awesome, because it cost the same as your last car, right? It is natural to want to ensure you have everything you need, but don’t overpack. Most of the staterooms are essentially dorm rooms. You will curse that shoe repair kit when […]

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The Florida Aquarium Tips: Save Money and Maximize Your Experience

The Florida Aquarium is awesome. The facility is unique, the animals are fun, and the staff is awesome. It is ten times more enjoyable when you don’t have to share it with a lot of other people. As of the time of this writing, the number of people with whom you have to compete to […]

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Minimalist Disney Packing List: Resist the Urge to Overpack

A trip to Disney World is a commitment. Unlike most theme parks, you need to plan ahead. Making theme park, dining, and FastPass+ (in normal times) reservations requires some serious effort. It is natural to think you need to obsess over your suitcase too. Minimalist Disney Packing List 101: Don’t overpack. What Do You Need […]

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Universal Orlando Packing List: The Must Haves (and Have Nots)

Universal is bomb. It is perfect for older kids, and offers a few things for the youngest of travelers. It is worth a stop for most people, particularly if you are adding it to a Disney World vacation. Universal does not require nearly the amount of planning that a good trip to Disney necessitates, but […]

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How Often Should You Use Your Credit Card to Keep it Active?

Introductory bonuses on miles and points credit cards are awesome, often worth hundreds of dollars a pop to use for free family travel. After that initial boost of goodness, however, all cards are not created equal. You will not reach for most of them on a regular basis. Here’s the problem. Credit card companies will […]

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Castaway Club Levels with Disney Cruise Line: Big Who Cares?

Disney fanatics lose their minds over their status with the Disney Cruise Line loyalty program. It is a source of pride amongst Mickey ear-sporting adults across the land. Here’s the truth. Castaway Club levels are really not something about which to write home. You cannot hack your status with credit card spend, so you have […]

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Vacation Upgrades That Are Worth It: Avoid A Shining Sequel

Family travel can be challenging. It is a luxury and a privilege that many don’t enjoy, but everyone who has done it for any length of time can relate to Clark Griswold. Stress is amplified when travel conditions are not ideal. Invest in some vacation upgrades that are worth it to decrease your odds of […]

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Theme Park Travel Tips: Top Ten with Little Kids

Theme parks get a bad rap from sophisticated travelers. They’re hot, crowded, touristy, filled with people with terrible manners, and come with a serious upcharge. There is no getting around these things. However, there are theme park travel tips you can use while planning and visiting that will help you look past the theme park […]

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Disneyland Trip Planning: Save Money and Maximize Your Trip

The Disneyland Resort is amazing. The parks are fun, the weather is awesome, everything is conveniently located, and you have almost no chance of being attacked by an alligator on your way to Tom Sawyer Island. It is definitely worth a trip. There is no shortage of information about planning a trip to Disney World, […]

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