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Great Wolf Lodge Packing List: Think Minimalist

Great Wolf Lodge Packing List Bucket

Great Wolf Lodge describes its rooms in a way that suggests they are large. They are not. Don’t trip over unnecessary suitcases. What needs to be on your Great Wolf Lodge packing list?

What Do You Need on Your Great Wolf Lodge Packing List?

1. Clothing

2. Toiletries and Bathroom Essentials

3. Baby Items

4. Accessories

5. Medications and First Aid

6. Methods of Payment

7. Important Documentation

8. Miscellaneous

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Great Wolf Lodge Packing List


1. Clothing

Check the Weather When Packing for Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge has several locations with varying weather patterns. Check the weather at the time of your visit to ensure you bring what you need.

Pro Great Wolf Lodge packing tip: If you are working this hotel into a longer vacation, bring laundry pods and do laundry halfway through your trip. Your luggage just cut itself in half.

What Should You Pack for Great Wolf Lodge?

A. Shorts – One per day of your trip (assuming it is weather appropriate).

B. Pants

C. T-shirts – One or two extra at most.

D. Long sleeved shirts – Depending on the time of year.

E. A jacket

F. Underwear

G. Bras

H. Socks

I. Shoes – You need closed toe shoes for the ropes course.

J. Pajamas

K. Swimwear – Two per person. Hang the wet suits in the bathroom and rotate.

L. Sandals or flip flops – Even if it is winter, you will want them for the water park.

M. Water shoes – Only if you’re grossed out by public pools.

What Not to Include in Your Great Wolf Lodge Packing List

A. Workout gear – You will climb plenty of stairs at the water park. You won’t have the energy to work out.

B. Formal wear – Turns out, there is no dress code at the fast food restaurant next to the pool.

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2. Bathroom Essentials and Toiletries

Does Great Wolf Lodge provide toiletries? Yes, it provides basic things like shampoo, conditioner, and soap.

Pro tip: Travel sized items are your friend. Try to avoid bringing things the hotel provides.

Bonus pro Great Wolf Lodge hack: Purchase travel bottles to bring your favorite products in smaller quantities.

What to Pack for Great Wolf Lodge

A. Toothbrush

B. Toothpaste

C. Mouthwash

D. Floss

E. Deodorant

F. Face wash

G. Makeup

H. Contact solution and extra contacts

I. Glasses

J. Sunscreen – If seasonally appropriate, there is an outdoor swim area.

K. Hairbrush

L. Hair styling products

M. Tweezers

N. Tissue

O. Cotton swabs

P. Feminine hygiene products

Q. Lotion – If you need a specific kind.

R. Shampoo – If you don’t like what is provided by the hotel, or you need a special kind like tear free.

S. Conditioner – Same criteria as the shampoo.

T. Body wash – Same as the shampoo and conditioner.

U. Loofah

V. Razors

W. Hand sanitizer – If you’re still afraid of COVID-19 when you are packing.

X. Chapstick

Y. Nail file

What Not to Pack

A. Hair dryer – The hotel provides one.

B. Nail clippers – Unless you’re going on a really long trip.

C. Anything you can get from the hotel

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3. Baby Items

Babies require a suitcase to themselves, but don’t pack things available at the hotel.

What Should I Pack for Great Wolf Lodge?

A. Formula and baby food

B. Bottles

C. Breast pump and accessories

D. Bibs

E. Sippy cups

F. Dish soap and bottle washer

G. Pacifiers

H. Diapers – Both regular and swim.

I. Wipes

J. Stroller

K. Car seat – If you flew to the area and your ground transportation provider doesn’t offer them

L. Baby sling

What Not to Add to Your Great Wolf Packing List

A. Pack and Play – The hotel provides them.

B. High chair – Not worth it.

C. Baby monitor – You won’t have a problem hearing your baby from three feet away.

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4. Accessories

Best Things to Bring to Great Wolf Lodge

A. Goggles

B. Hats – If you plan to spend time outside.

C. Sunglasses – If you plan to spend time outside.

D. Hair ties

E. Masks – Only if you want them.

F. Belt

What Not to Pack

A. Floaties – The hotel has lifejackets.

B. A large selection of jewelry – You’ll never see it again if it falls off in the pool.

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5. Medications and First Aid

Condense items. Think sandwich bag.

What Should You Bring to Great Wolf Lodge?


B. Motion sickness medicine – If you are prone to motion sickness, the slides may bother you.

C. Pain relievers (Adult and child)

D. Daily medications

E. Antibacterial cream

F. Vitamins

G. Thermometer

H. Necessary medical equipment

What Not to Pack

A. Full bottles or a bunch of different bottles


6. Methods of Payment

The hotel is expensive. Don’t leave money on the table by using cash instead of travel credit cards.

What to Pack When Going to Great Wolf Lodge

A. A small amount of cash

B. Credit cards

What Not to Add to Your Packing List for Great Wolf Lodge

A. Debit card – Unless you may need to visit an ATM.

B. A lot of cash

rock wall

7. Documentation

It’s fine not to print things, but confirm you can access them on your phone.

What Should I Take to Great Wolf Lodge?

A. Hotel reservation confirmations

B. Health insurance card

C. Identification for adults

D. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes

E. Rental car and ground transportation reservation confirmations

F. Proof of car insurance – When renting a car only

G. Priority Pass card – If flying.

What Not to Include in Your Great Wolf Lodge Check List

A. Any duplicate or unnecessary documentation with your personal information

kiddie slides

8. Miscellaneous

How to Pack for Great Wolf Lodge

A. Cell phones and chargers

B. Waterproof cell phone case – If you want pictures in the pools.

C. Snacks – Can I bring my own food to Great Wolf Lodge? Yes and no. You can’t bring food or coolers into the pool area, but there is nothing stopping you from going to your room to eat. Your room has a mini-refrigerator.

D. Gum

E. Refillable water bottle

F. Travel entertainment

G. Magiquest wand – If you already have one and want to play the game again.

H. Plastic bags – If you want to transport your wet suits home in them.

I. Laundry Detergent pods – If traveling long enough to do laundry.

What Not to Include on Your Great Wolf Lodge Packing List

A. Night light – Crack the bathroom door and leave the light on.

B. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

C. Pool toys

D. Cameras – Smart phones take pictures.

E. Shoe organizer

F. Extra towels – Does Great Wolf Lodge supply towels? Yes, but the free towels in the pool area can’t be taken to your room. However, you can bring the towels from your room into the pool area.

Great Wolf Lodge exterior

Final Thoughts – Great Wolf Lodge Packing List

The hotel is not fancy. You don’t need to pack like you’re going on a trip with Heather Dubrow. Bring what you need from the Great Wolf Lodge packing list to maximize space and minimize stress.

Visit Great Wolf Lodge with your kids and make memories. You will not regret it.

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Great Wolf Lodge Packing List

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  1. I love all the pictures. Quick question, though. Where is this located? I have to been to one in Wisconsin, but I have heard that they have other locations. I am curious if they are completely the same with regards to what they offer. Thanks for the post! 🙂

    1. Hi, Kelly! They have a bunch of locations. The photos in this post were taken in Gurnee, Illinois. The properties are similar, but not identical.

  2. This was a great post! I heard about this chain when I watched Undercover Boss years ago. Kids must have a blast when they stay here and get to be in the water all day! Do they have a Kids Club on-site if parents want time to themselves?

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