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LEGOLAND Florida Packing List: Don’t Overdo it

LEGOLAND Florida exterior

LEGOLAND Florida hotel rooms are small. You can escape your cluttered room in the common areas, where you will be met by 600 Veruca Salts, or the parks, where you will find a sea of people and long lines. Save yourself some stress. Pack light. Your room will feel more tolerable. What needs to be on your LEGOLAND Florida packing list?

What Do You Need on Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List?

1. Medications and First Aid

2. Important Documentation

3. Methods of Payment

4. Toiletries and Bathroom Essentials

5. Accessories

6. Clothing

7. Baby Items

8. Miscellaneous

9. What to Bring to LEGOLAND Florida Parks

LEGOLAND Florida Dragon

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LEGOLAND Florida Packing List


1. Medications and First Aid

Condense things as much as possible. Think sandwich bag.

What to Add to Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. Motion sickness medicine


C. Antibacterial cream

D. Pain relievers (Adult and child)

E. Vitamins

F. Thermometer

G. Medications

H. Medical equipment

What Not to Pack

A. Full bottles or a bunch of different bottles


2. Documentation

Paper is usually optional these days, but confirm you have the information you need somewhere if you don’t print it.

What Should I Take to LEGOLAND Florida?

A. Hotel reservation confirmations

B. LEGOLAND Florida Tickets

C. Identification for all travelers

D. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes

E. Rental car and ground transportation reservation confirmations

F. Proof of car insurance – When renting a car only

G. Health insurance card

H. Priority Pass card

What Not to Include in Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. Any duplicate or unnecessary documentation with your personal information


3. Methods of Payment

Pro tip: The park is cashless, but you may be tempted to use it elsewhere on your trip. Try to avoid this. Don’t leave money on the table by using cash instead of travel credit cards.

What to Include in Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. A small amount of cash

B. Credit cards

What Not to Add to Your Packing List for LEGOLAND Florida

A. Debit card – Unless you may need to visit an ATM.

B. A lot of cash

LEGOLAND Florida Men

4. Bathroom Essentials and Toiletries

Pro tip: Travel sized items are your friend. Try to avoid bringing things the hotel provides.

Bonus pro tip: Purchase travel bottles to bring smaller quantities of your favorite products.

What to Pack for LEGOLAND Florida

A. Deodorant

B. Face wash

C. Toothbrush

D. Toothpaste

E. Floss

F. Mouthwash

G. Makeup

H. Glasses

I. Contact solution and extra contacts

J. Sunscreen

K. Tweezers

L. Hairbrush

M. Hair styling products

N. Lotion – If you need a specific kind.

O. Shampoo – If you don’t like what is provided by the hotel, or you need a special kind like tear free.

P. Conditioner – Same criteria as the shampoo.

Q. Body wash – If you don’t like what hotel provides.

R. Loofah

S. Razors

T. Tissue

U. Cotton swabs

V. Feminine hygiene products

W. Hand sanitizer – If you’re still afraid of COVID-19 when you are packing.

What Not to Pack

A. Nail clippers – Unless you’re going on a really long trip.

B. Hair dryer – The hotel provides one.

C. Anything you can get from the hotel

Lego city

5. Accessories

What to Include in Your LEGOLAND Packing List

A. Sunglasses

B. Hats – Only if you want them.

C. Ponchos – Only if needed. Check the weather.

D. Hair ties

E. Goggles – For the hotel only.

F. Masks – LEGOLAND Florida COVID-19 precautions have essentially been lifted, so bring these only if you want them.

What Not to Pack

A. Floaties – The hotel has lifejackets.

B. Umbrellas – They are unwieldy. Go with a poncho.

C. A large selection of jewelry – Turns out the Apple Fries stand doesn’t have a dress code.

Star Wars legos

6. Clothing

Theme parks are gross (and fun). No expensive items should enter.

Pro tip: If you are combining LEGOLAND Florida with Universal Orlando or Disney World, bring laundry pods and do laundry halfway through your trip. Your luggage just cut its weight in half.


LEGOLAND Florida is located in Winter Haven, about 45 minutes from Disney World and an hour from Universal Orlando. The weather is miserable during the summer, and shaded areas are nowhere to be found. Check it at the time of your trip.

Averages are as follows:


Average High: Mid 70s

Average Low: Low 50s


Average High: Mid 80s

Average Low: Low 60s


Average High: Low 90s

Average Low: Low 70s


Average High: Mid 80s

Average Low: High 60s

What to Wear to LEGOLAND Florida

A. Shorts – One or two extra at most.

B. T-shirts – One or two extra at most.

C. Long sleeved shirts – Depending on the time of year.

D. Pants

E. A jacket

F. Socks

G. Underwear

H. Bras

I. Pajamas

J. Amusement park shoes – If you can’t roll in flip flops all day.

K. Sandals or flip flops

L. Swimwear – Two per person. Hang the wet suits in the bathroom and rotate.

What Not to Include in Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. Workout gear – You will be battling children in the park all day. You won’t have the energy to work out.

B. Formal wear

LEGOLAND Florida tourist

7. Baby Items

Babies add a suitcase all by themselves, but don’t pack things available to you at the hotel.

What Should I Pack for LEGOLAND Florida?

A. Pacifiers

B. Bibs

C. Bottles

D. Formula and baby food

E. Breast pump and accessories

F. Sippy cups

G. Dish soap and bottle washer

H. Diapers – Both regular and swim.

I. Wipes

J. Stroller – LEGOLAND rents them on a first come, first served basis.

K. Car seat – Check to see if your ground transportation provider offers them if you aren’t driving your own car.

What Not to Add to Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. Baby monitor – You won’t have a problem hearing your baby from three feet away.

B. Pack and Play – The hotel provides them.

C. High chair – Not worth it.

The LEGO Movie characters

8. Miscellaneous

What to Pack

A. Portable cell phone charger – The LEGOLAND Florida app drains cell phone batteries faster than the Kardashians go through a vile of Botox.

B. Cell phones and chargers

C. Snacks – For the plane and room only. LEGOLAND’s outside food policy at the theme parks only allows small snacks, bottled water, and food that is required for medical purposes or special dietary needs. You cannot bring in glass, open containers, alcohol, coolers, or picnic baskets.

D. Gum

E. Refillable water bottle

F. Travel entertainment

G. Noise canceling headphones – Only if your kid will freak out during the shows.

H. Laundry Detergent pods

I. LEGO Minifigures for trading – Only if your kid cares.

J. Cooling towels – Only when it’s really hot.

What Not to Include on Your LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

A. Pool toys

B. Cameras – Smart phones take pictures.

C. Night light – Crack the bathroom door and leave the light on.

D. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

E. Shoe organizer

F. Extra towels

LEGOLAND Florida LEGO race

9. Day Bag Packing


When packing for LEGOLAND Florida, less is more. If you no longer have the benefit of the storage area on wheels that is a stroller, you don’t want to carry around unnecessary items.

Are bags allowed in LEGOLAND Florida? Yes. Backpacks can come in.

What Can I Take into LEGOLAND Florida?

A. Theme park tickets

B. Methods of payment

C. Identification

D. Cell phone and portable cell phone charger

E. Sunscreen

F. Motion sickness medication

G. Pain relievers

H. Ponchos

I. Jackets

J. Hats

K. Sunglasses

L. Tissue

M. Gum

N. Feminine hygiene products


P. Noise canceling headphones

Q. Refillable water bottle

R. Baby stuff you need on a typical day

S. Masks

T. Hand sanitizer

LEGOLAND Florida Ninjago ride

Final Thoughts – LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

LEGOLAND Florida is insane. Do you want to drag three suitcases through a mob of screaming children? Use the LEGOLAND Florida packing list to determine what you need, and bring only those items. In a pinch, there is always the gift shop.

Visit LEGOLAND Florida with little kids. They are only young once. Soak it up.

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The LEGOLAND Florida Packing List

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  1. Our son is grown now but this would have be paradise for him. Us not so much with small cluttered rooms and long lines! Great tips for those planning to go to make it more comfortable for the adults!

  2. I can’t wait to go to Lego Land with my daughter one day! I love that your post is thorough and detailed, and it’s super helpful that you focus on packing for minimalists. I will definitely check back here when we travel!

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