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SeaWorld Orlando Tips: Save Money and Plan Your Day

SeaWorld Orlando penguins

SeaWorld Orlando gets a bad rap. Blackfish really did a number on its reputation. Should you even bother visiting? While it is nowhere near the best park in Orlando, there is some value and fun to be had. What SeaWorld Orlando tips do you need to plan your day?

What SeaWorld Orlando Tips Do You Need to Plan Your Day?

1. Where is SeaWorld Orlando Located?

2. Check a SeaWorld Park Crowd Calendar

3. Check the Weather

4. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Day Bag Packing

5. Download the SeaWorld Orlando App

6. Parking and Transportation Options

7. Arrive Early

8. How Long Do You Need?

9. SeaWorld Orlando Tips with Toddlers

10. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Touring Plans

11. What Animals Can You See?

12. Don’t Miss the Shows

13. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Front of the Line Passes

14. What SeaWorld Rides Are Available?

15. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Parent Swap

16. There Are Seasonal SeaWorld Fireworks

17. SeaWorld Dining Options

18. No Outside Food Allowed

19. You Can Come and Go

20. Consider the Added Experiences

21. There Are Photo Packages

22. You Can Meet Characters

23. Burn Energy at the Play Areas

24. There is an Afternoon Parade

25. No Pets Allowed

26. SeaWorld Orlando Tips to Save

27. COVID-19 Precautions

SeaWorld Orlando entrance

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SeaWorld Orlando Tips

1. SeaWorld Orlando Location

The SeaWorld address is 7007 SeaWorld Drive in Orlando. It is about a ten minute drive from Disney World and 15 minutes from Universal.

Pro Orlando SeaWorld tip: If you don’t have a car at Disney or Universal, Uber is a cheap way to get to and from SeaWorld.

2. Check a SeaWorld Crowd Calendar

The park is best enjoyed when you aren’t swimming in a sea of people. See what I did there? If you have the luxury of visiting at an off time, you will have a better experience.

What is the least busy day at SeaWorld? Generally speaking, when kids are in school, the park will be less crowded. Weekdays are better than weekends. Check a crowd calendar to confirm for your dates of travel.

3. Check the SeaWorld Weather

What should I wear to SeaWorld Orlando? Something you won’t regret.

Orlando weather is miserable several months of the year. There is just no getting around it. Check the weather to see what layer of the sun it will feel like on the day of your visit.

Pro tip: SeaWorld Orlando has a very generous inclement weather policy. If there is any rain, at all, you can come back another day for free. Visit Guest Services to take advantage.

Sesame Land

4. What to Bring to SeaWorld Orlando

Don’t go crazy here. You don’t want to drag a bunch of stuff around the park if you don’t have a stroller. It’s hot enough. Don’t make it worse. With that said, don’t forget:

A. Headache medication

B. A refillable water bottle

C. A poncho

D. Sunscreen

E. A hat or sunglasses

F. Nausea medication

G. A portable phone charger

H. Cooling towels (only if it’s really hot)

I. Swimsuits for kids if they are visiting the splash pad (they will dry off quickly in the sun if you want to skip this)

seaworld and orcas

5. Download the SeaWorld App

If you’re wondering what to know before going to SeaWorld Orlando, the app is a great place to start.

Download the free app prior to arrival. It will give you show times, a SeaWorld Orlando map, the location of the nearest restroom, and SeaWorld ride wait times.

Pro tip: The SeaWorld theme park has free Wi-fi.

Bonus pro tip: The app will drain your cell phone battery faster than a group of middle aged women down Sangria on a Friday night. Bring a portable cell phone charger.

seaworld orlando lagoon

6. Parking and Transportation

If you are visiting Disney or Universal and want to visit for the day, Uber is a great option. The cars are cheap and readily available.

If you drive, is parking free at SeaWorld? No, in most cases, it is not.

As of the time of this writing, parking starts at $30 per day. You can purchase Preferred or VIP parking for a higher rate.

Pro tip: Don’t pay the higher rate to park. Arrive early. You’ll be close enough to the front.

Bonus pro tip: You can pre-purchase parking if you don’t want to deal with it upon arrival.

Extra bonus pro tip: Do you plan to visit more than once? Some SeaWorld annual passes include free parking. Do the math to determine if it makes financial sense for you.


7. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Early Arrival

Visiting at an off time will help with crowds, but at some point during any day, the park will fill with people. This likely won’t happen in the morning. Check the SeaWorld Orlando hours and arrive about 30 minutes before opening.

Note: SeaWorld is more stingy than Disney with its morning offerings. The back half of the park is generally roped off, and some of the rides don’t start running right at park opening. Use the early morning time to ride what you can and walk through the exhibits.

seaworld tower

8. How Long Do You Need?

SeaWorld sells multi-day tickets, but one day should be enough. If you are worried about being unable to squeeze everything in, consider Quick Queue Unlimited.

9. Is SeaWorld Suitable for Toddlers?

SeaWorld does not feature slow moving dark rides that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Is SeaWorld with toddlers worth it? I believe it is. There is still plenty for them to do.

SeaWorld has a handful of small rides for kids, a couple of play areas, shows, and interesting animal exhibits. You will be able to fill a day.

cookie monster ride

10. What Should I Do First at SeaWorld Orlando?

If you’re wondering how to do SeaWorld Orlando in one day, a touring plan is key. A good touring plan is important at any park, but it is particularly important when you don’t want to miss the shows. Be sure to arrive early and be cognizant of show times when making your SeaWorld Orlando itinerary.

Guests with Quick Queue

If you have SeaWorld Quick Queue Unlimited and small children, start with the rides in Sesame Street Land that don’t accept it first thing in the morning. Save the rides on which you can use it and the walk through exhibits for the afternoon.

If you have Quick Queue Unlimited and are traveling with older kids, consider enjoying some of the animal exhibits before they get crowded or walking onto a big ride before the SeaWorld wait times are unpalatable.

Guests Without Quick Queue

If you don’t have Quick Queue Unlimited, head to the big rides first thing in the morning and save the less popular ones for the afternoon.

Pro tip: Check out the SeaWorld map prior to your visit to navigate the park efficiently.

Bonus pro tip: Sometimes, the back half of the park does not open right away. If you arrive early, try to ride Manta near the front before the back half opens if you don’t have Quick Queue.

seaworld dolphins

11. What SeaWorld Animals Can You See?

The animal exhibits at SeaWorld are the reason most people visit. Everything else is a bonus. While they are well done, some of them have seen better days. A good coat of paint would go a long way.

Pro tip: Save the animal exhibits for the afternoon. Knock out some rides in the morning before the lines build.

Animal Exhibit in the Sea of Delight Section

The Sea of Delight section houses sea lions and seals.

Animal Exhibit in the Sea of Ice Section

The Sea of Ice section features Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. This popular attraction requires a queue to enter.

Pro tip: You can skip the line with Quick Queue.

Bonus pro tip: It’s cold in Antarctica. It is also cold in this building. Really, really cold.

Animal Exhibit in the Sea of Legends Section

This section features one small jellyfish exhibit, the Jewel of the Sea Aquarium. The building is unique because of its plexiglass floors.

Animal Exhibit in the Sea of Mystery Section

The Sea of Mystery section houses sharks in a tank with a large SeaWorld underwater tunnel. You get a nice view of the sharks’ teeth to serve as a reminder that you don’t want to encounter one in the wild. The tank also holds lots of other sea creatures, including fish and manta rays.

Animal Exhibits in the Sea of Power Section

The Sea of Power section features orcas with an underwater viewing area. You can touch a small shark in the Relaxation Station. This area also has Wild Arctic, a large, indoor exhibit featuring beluga whales, walruses, and seals.

Animal Exhibits in the Sea of Shallows Section

The Sea of Shallows has a ton of animals. Plan to spend a lot of time in this section in the afternoon.

You will come across flamingos, pelicans, and small alligators as you walk the path.

The Dolphin Nursery features baby dolphins swimming with their mothers. There are small underwater windows for kids. There is also a larger tank where you can view dolphins both above and below the water.

The Manta Aquarium has manta rays, octopi, and fish as far as the eye can see.

You can touch and feed stingrays at the Stingray Lagoon.

Finally, there are manatees and sea turtles. The sea turtle section also offers Turtle Trek, an informational video about the animals.


12. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Shows

If you’re wondering what not to miss at SeaWorld Orlando, the shows are at the top of the list. The park shines in this department.

The arenas are huge. No need to arrive super early or purchase Reserved Seating.

The beginning of all of the shows is basically a giant commercial about SeaWorld’s good deeds (because, Blackfish). Once you get past that, the shows are worthwhile.

All shows are free (you did just watch a commercial, after all).

Pro SeaWorld tip: Make your touring plan around SeaWorld show times so you don’t miss them.

Bonus pro tip: When the signs say splash zone, they mean it. You will get wet. Wear a poncho.

SeaWorld Dolphin Adventures

Dolphins are quite athletic. This means they jump high, flip, and do just about anything the whistle tells them to do to get some fish. This SeaWorld dolphin show is a don’t miss.

Location: Sea of Shallows

Orca Encounter

Orca Encounter is the SeaWorld Shamu show featuring giant killer whales. They aren’t exactly in their natural habitat here.

Note: Some people have ethical concerns about these shows and SeaWorld in general. If you are one of these people, the Orca show may bother you. SeaWorld San Diego has updated this show to remove the flips, but Orlando has not as of the time of this writing.

Location: Sea of Power

Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight

The sea lion show has a play with a script. The sea lions in this show have a dog-like vibe in that they can spend a lot of time out of the water and perform tricks that are downright adorable. Make it a point to see this one.

Location: Sea of Delight

seaworld orlando dolphin show

13. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Front of the Line Passes

SeaWorld offers both front of the line passes to the rides and reserved seating to the shows.

Quick Queue Unlimited

Quick Queue Unlimited lets you skip the line for five rides (Mako, Manta, Kraken, Infinity Falls, and Journey to Atlantis) as many times as you want. All of these are larger rides with height requirements. It also gets you to the front of the line for the Antarctica exhibit.

You can purchase Quick Queue on its own, both for a single day or an entire season, and in combination with Reserved Seating.

SeaWorld prices vary by the day. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $14.99 per person and goes all the way up to $99.99.

Reserved Seating

Reserved Seating gets you priority seating at the shows one time each. You can purchase this on its own or in combination with Quick Queue.

As of the time of this writing, prices range from $14.99 to $69.99 per person per day.

Is SeaWorld Quick Queue Worth it?

If your kids will ride the bigger SeaWorld Orlando rides and you can visit on a less expensive day, Quick Queue Unlimited is undoubtedly worth it. If you aren’t getting on roller coasters, it is not.

Purchasing Reserved Seating, on the other hand, is the equivalent of lighting money on fire for fun. You can almost always get into the shows without any trouble. Don’t waste your money.

journey to atlantis

14. SeaWorld Rides Orlando

Note: You cannot bring personal items of any kind on some of the rides. Lockers are available, but unlike at Universal, they are not free.

Pro tip: You can purchase a multi use locker that allows you to use lockers at different locations for one price.

Ride in the Sea of Delight Section

The Sea of Delight section is located in the front middle of the park. There is absolutely no reason to go here first thing in the morning.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower is a slow moving ride that lifts you up high and spins you slowly in a circle.

Note: SeaWorld charges extra for this ride. You can ride a similar attraction at Six Flags for free. Do not reward its bad behavior and give it extra money.

Height requirement: None

Quick Queue accepted: No

Rides in the Sea of Legends Section

The Sea of Legends section is located about halfway to the back of the park to the left of the entrance. This is a good section to visit early because of the popular rides, but it may not be accessible immediately as the back half of the park tends to be roped off in the morning.

Pro tip: Ride Manta in the Sea of Shallows section then book it to one of these rides.

SeaWorld Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis is a combination roller coaster and indoor water ride. The ride is unique and a must do. It is relatively mild and does not go upside down, so most kids who meet the height requirement can handle it.

Pro tip: You will get wet. Wear a poncho.

Height requirement: 42″

Quick Queue accepted: Yes

SeaWorld Kraken Ride

Kraken, which was apparently a sea monster, is a large, SeaWorld roller coaster that goes upside down and fast. It is not for young kids.

Height requirement: 54″

Quick Queue accepted: Yes

Rides at SeaWorld Orlando in the Sea of Mystery Section

Flamingo Paddle Boats

Nothing like paying extra for manual labor, right? These paddle boats are not at all special. An orca does not jump over your boat. This ride comes with a $6 charge as of the time of this writing. Avoid.

Height requirement: None

Quick Queue accepted: No

Infinity Falls

Infinity Falls is a SeaWorld water ride on a raft. You can find a similar experience at Disney California Adventure and Six Flags.

Pro tip: You will get wet. Bring a poncho.

Height requirement: 42″ minimum, 77″ maximum

Quick Queue accepted: Yes


Mako is the fastest roller coaster at the park. It doesn’t go upside down, but its giant hills and speed make it a no go for most young kids.

Height requirement: 54″

Quick Queue accepted: Yes

Ride in the Sea of Shallows Section

The Sea of Shallows section is located near the front of the park to the right. If you are interested in riding Manta, you may want to head here first. You will be able to access this section before the back half of the park in the morning.

SeaWorld Manta Ride

Manta is a high speed roller coaster that goes upside down. Its occupants ride laying face down to simulate the movement of a manta ray. It is not for young children.

Height requirement: 54″

Quick Queue accepted: Yes

SeaWorld Florida Rides in Sesame Street Land

Sesame Street Land has all of the SeaWorld kids rides. It is located about halfway to the back of the park to the right. This is a great place to head early if your kids want to ride the small stuff.

Pro tip: This land has interactive elements placed throughout that will interest young kids. Allow for extra time in your touring plan.

Note: You typically cannot reach this section at rope drop, and the rides don’t seem to start running right away when you can. If your kids don’t want to ride any of the big stuff, it is still a good place to head first to beat the afternoon lines.

Abby’s Flower Tower

Abby’s Flower Tower is a slow moving ride in a circle in flower pots.

Height requirement: 42″ to ride alone

Quick Queue accepted: No

Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl

This ride is basically the spinning teacups in a bird’s nest. Hold the wheel and pretend to help if you don’t want to spin too fast.

Height requirement: 36″ to ride alone

Quick Queue accepted: No

Cookie Drop! is a small ride that bounces kids up and down. You will find a similar ride at most theme parks and county fairs.

Height requirement: 42″ to ride alone

Quick Queue accepted: No

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train is a very slow moving train ride in a circle. This is for SeaWorld entertainment, not transportation.

Height requirement: 36″

Quick Queue accepted: No

Slimey’s Slider

You Will Vomit Slimey’s Slider is a ride in a worm that rocks and swivels at the same time. The movement is killer for people sensitive to motion sickness. Good luck.

Height requirement: 42″ to ride alone

Quick Queue accepted: No

Sunny Day Carousel is like any other carousel, except you sit on Sesame Street themed animals.

SeaWorld ride height requirement: 42″ to ride alone

Quick Queue accepted: No

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby is a small roller coaster. If you arrive early enough, you can likely ride multiple times with no wait.

SeaWorld height requirement: 42″ to ride alone, 38″ to ride with a supervising companion

Quick Queue accepted: No

train ride

15. SeaWorld Orlando Tips for Parent Swap

Do you have a short kid ruining your fun? SeaWorld Orlando has a parent swap program so multiple adults can ride.

One parent waits in line and rides the ride while the other waits with the child. Upon exit, said parent notifies an employee that he or she needs a child swap pass. The parents hand off the child, and the second parent gets to use the Quick Queue entrance to ride without waiting in line.

16. There Are Seasonal Fireworks

The park features an Electric Ocean nighttime show seasonally during summer weekends. It also offers SeaWorld events throughout the year, including Halloween and Christmas. Check the schedule at the time of your visit.

17. SeaWorld Restaurants

SeaWorld Orlando dining is not great. Billy Madison got better food in the cafeteria. There are a couple of unique experiences. The rest of the food is interchangeable.

Pro tip: SeaWorld will accommodate your allergies. If you need gluten free or other special food, ask for a supervisor.

Bonus pro tip: Calypso Bar Smokehouse is a barbecue restaurant that specializes in dietary restrictions.

Dine with SeaWorld Orcas

For not that much money, you can dine near the Orca tank and listen to a presentation. Make reservations ahead of time.

Pro tip: There is alcohol.

Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar

Sharks is a table service restaurant in a giant SeaWorld aquarium. It’s like Coral Reef at EPCOT with a similar price tag.

Pro tip: This SeaWorld underwater restaurant has alcohol.


18. No Outside Food Allowed

Disney lets you bring in food. SeaWorld does not. It has to make up the money it didn’t make with its cheap tickets somewhere. Exceptions are made for special dietary needs, baby food, and a bottle of water.

Pro tip: Bring a refillable water bottle to fill throughout the day.

19. You Can Come and Go

Guests can reenter the park with a handstamp. If you don’t want to eat SeaWorld food, you can leave and come back. There are plenty of restaurants nearby.

seaworld sea lion show

20. Added Experiences

There will be enough to fill a day without any extras. If you are interested in something more, there are experiences available. The prices vary by the day.

Pro tip: Guests under age three can participate for free.

Beluga Encounter

The Beluga Encounter is a 30 minute experience. You participate in a training and feeding session. As of the time of this writing, the price starts at $60 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

SeaWorld Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter is a 15 minute experience wherein you interact with the dolphins and take a picture. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $25 per person.

Note: All guests under age 13 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Dolphins Up-Close Tour

This 30 minute experience allows you to participate in a training session. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $50 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Family Adventure Tour

The Family Adventure Tour is geared toward families with young kids. You get to interact with baby dolphins, meet penguins, and see a character in Sesame Street Land. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $80 per person.

SeaWorld Killer Whale Up-Close Tour

The Killer Whale Up-Close Tour lets you participate in a training session. You will not be getting in the water. SeaWorld learned that wasn’t the hottest idea in the last decade. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $99 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult. This means a family of four will pay a minimum of $400 for this experience. Let that sink in.

Penguin Encounter

This experience lasts 20 to 30 minutes total. You get to touch the penguins and have your picture taken. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $35 per person.

Note: Minors cannot go alone. They must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Penguins Up-Close Tour

The Penguins Up-Close Tour is a 45 minute experience. It is basically Penguin Encounter plus more talking. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $65 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Sea Lions Up-Close Tour

The Sea Lions Up-Close Tour is a 60 minute experience wherein you can feed and take photos with the animals. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $45 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

SeaWorld Rescue Tour

The SeaWorld Rescue Tour is a 30 minute experience during which you see rescued manatees and sea turtles. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $19.99 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Sharks Up-Close Tour

During the Sharks Up-Close Tour, you feed the sharks and touch a small one. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $20 per person.

Note: All minors must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Ultimate SeaWorld VIP Tour

The Ultimate VIP tour takes eight hours. It includes preferred parking, expedited park entry, Quick Queue Unlimited, Reserved Seating, meals, and interactions with dolphins, penguins, sea lions, and killer whales. As of the time of this writing, the experience starts at $400 per person.

Walrus Encounter

The Walrus Encounter experience lasts 30 minutes. You interact with a walrus and get a picture. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $49 per person.

Note: Paying adults must accompany minors.


21. There Are SeaWorld Packages for Photos

You can purchase a SeaWorld Photokey package. As of the time of this writing, the cost starts at $70. Unless you plan to ride a bunch of rides and want pictures of your kids’ terrified faces, skip this and take your own photos.

22. You Can Meet Characters

SeaWorld Orlando has Sesame Street characters. You can meet them without much wait.

sesame street land seaworld orlando

23. Play Areas

Rosita’s Harmony Hills

This play area with instruments is teeny tiny, but it doesn’t require a line. If your kids need to burn some energy, this is the place to do it.

Location: Sesame Street Land

Rubber Duckie Water Works

Rubber Duckie Water Works is a splash pad themed around Ernie’s love of his bath. Your kids will get soaked.

Location: Sesame Street Land

seaworld orlando splash pad

24. There is an Afternoon Parade

The dolphins can’t prance down the street, but Elmo can. There is a Sesame Street themed parade offer daily.

25. No Pets Allowed

Only service animals can come in. Pets are not allowed.

Pro tip: SeaWorld offers kennels outside its main entrance for $15 per day in case you have nowhere else to leave your dog.

seaworld beluga whale

26. Tips and Tricks for SeaWorld Orlando Savings

This park is priced reasonably, but there is no need to pay full price.

Pro tip: Kids under age three are free.

SeaWorld Tickets Orlando

Direct Purchase

The park often runs specials. You may be able to find discounted rates, additional free days, free parking, or tickets that come with free meals. As of the time of this writing, you can purchase a SeaWorld Fun Card that gets you into the park for the entire year for the cost of roughly one day at Disney World. Check the website at the time of your visit.

Multi Park Tickets

SeaWorld Orlando sells multi-park tickets that get you into Aquatica, Busch Gardens, and Adventure Island. If you planned to visit any of these parks in addition to SeaWorld, this may be the cheapest option for you.

Does an Annual Pass Make Sense?

If you plan to visit the park more than once and care about the extras, SeaWorld passes that are good all year may make sense for you. These passes give you some additional perks, like free parking, guest tickets, and discounts in the park.

Pro tip: You can upgrade your single day ticket to an annual pass.

SeaWorld Hotel Packages

The park doesn’t have its own hotels like Disney and Universal, but it does offer discounted SeaWorld vacation packages through hotel partners. If you aren’t staying elsewhere and don’t have hotel points to use, this may make sense for you.

SeaWorld Orlando visit tip: These hotels often offer a shuttle to the park.

SeaWorld Group Tickets

Traveling with a large group? Check to see if a group package is the best deal for you.

SeaWorld Military Discounts

There are SeaWorld military discounts available. As of the time of this writing, active duty military personnel and three of his or her dependents get into the park for free. Veterans and their guests get in for half price.

Florida Teachers Get in Free

As of the time of this writing, Florida teachers get in free.

Note: You must purchase the SeaWorld teacher pass ahead of time. You cannot walk up and get this deal.

AAA Discounts

AAA members get discounted one day SeaWorld Florida tickets.

Third Party SeaWorld Discount Tickets

Undercover Tourist

You can purchase discounted tickets to SeaWorld Orlando through third party providers like Undercover Tourist or Tiqets.

SeaWorld Groupon

You can sometimes find deals for SeaWorld Orlando on Groupon.


Publix grocery stores in the area sell SeaWorld Orlando tickets at a discount.


As of the time of this writing, there is a SeaWorld All Day Dining Deal. You can order a full meal, including dessert and a drink, once every 90 minutes.

Is SeaWorld Orlando All Day Dining worth it? In a word, no. The food at SeaWorld is nothing about which to write home. This deal is likely not worth it for most people who don’t want to gorge on mediocre food, but it may make sense if you plan to eat all three meals at the park.

seaworld orlando orca show

27. COVID-19 Precautions

As of the time of this writing, the SeaWorld mask policy is that they are recommended but not required. SeaWorld is not carding people at the door. If you feel uncomfortable in crowds, this is not the time to go.

Note: You no longer need a SeaWorld reservation to visit.

seaworld orlando penguin house

Final Thoughts – SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Tricks

Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. Is SeaWorld Orlando worth it when there are so many other options? While the value of a visit is subjective, there are some things to consider.

SeaWorld has big rides. They aren’t heavily themed, but they are more intense than those offered at Disney and Universal. If your family likes roller coasters, it has some good options.

SeaWorld also offers sea creatures that the other parks do not. Disney World has manatees at EPCOT and some zoo animals at Animal Kingdom, but it does not have the majority of the animals you can find at SeaWorld.

With those animals come shows. Some people view this as a positive. Others see it as just downright icky. You need to decide how you feel.

Finally, SeaWorld Orlando is relatively cheap. Your money will stretch a lot further.

All things considered, I believe it is worth it once if you are into the animals and have vacation days to spare. Use the SeaWorld Orlando tips that work for you to maximize your day. If you don’t love the animals or the big rides, skip it and spend more time elsewhere.

seaworld orlando tips pin

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SeaWorld Orlando Tips

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