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Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel Visitor Tips: Great Location

Universal Hilton Entrance

Universal Hollywood doesn’t have a bunch of on property hotels like its Orlando counterpart. If you want to stay nearby, this hotel is your best bet. What Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel visitor tips do you need to plan your trip?

What Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel Visitor Tips Do You Need to Plan Your Trip?

1. Universal Hollywood Does Not Have On Property Hotels

2. Hilton Hollywood Universal Location

3. Check the Weather

4. Know Your Room Options

5. Download the Hilton Honors App

6. Try to Get an Early Universal Hilton Check-in Time

7. Hilton Universal Studios Hollywood Parking is Not Included

8. There is a Free Theme Park Shuttle

9. The Hilton Universal City Pool is Outdoors

10. There is a Small Fitness Center

11. Pets Are Allowed at the Hilton at Universal Studios Hollywood

12. You Have to Request Housekeeping

13. Most Guests Don’t Get Free Wi-Fi

14. There is No Spa at the Hilton Universal Resort

15. On-site Hilton Universal Dining Options

16. Don’t Stay Past the Hilton Universal City Checkout Time

17. Don’t Miss the Turtles

18. Ways to Save at the Universal Studios Hollywood Hilton

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Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel Visitor Tips

1. Universal Hollywood Does Not Have On Property Hotels

Does Universal Hollywood have a hotel? No, it is not like Orlando. There aren’t on property Universal Hollywood resort hotels.

However, the Hilton is located on Universal City property near the park, making it the best hotel to stay in Universal Studios Hollywood.

hilton hotel universal studios hollywood ca sitting area

2. The Hilton Hear Universal Studios Hollywood Location

Where is Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City based? The hotel is located at 555 Universal Hollywood Drive in Universal City, property owned by Universal. It is walking distance to Universal Hollywood, with views of the park and CityWalk from some hotel rooms.

How far is Hilton Universal from Universal Studios? The hotel is about a half mile away.

What famous landmarks can we find near Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? Hollywood is about a mile away, so other tourist attractions are easily accessible. You can reach Disneyland in about 45 minutes if traffic cooperates.

What is the nearest airport to Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? Burbank, a smaller airport, is the closest at about four miles away. LAX is 14 miles away.

There is no Hilton Universal Hollywood airport shuttle. Private transportation is definitely the most convenient option.

universal hilton studio city view

3. Check the Weather

The weather is beautiful most of the time, but it can get cold. Check the weather before your trip so you know what to expect in the park.

universal hilton hotel california view

4. The Hilton Universal Hollywood Room Options

What amenities are available in Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? All rooms include small refrigerators, hair dryers, coffee makers, and irons. There is no need to pack these items.

Pro tip: Pack and Plays are available.

Bonus pro tip: Connecting rooms are available for larger groups.

Note: This hotel advertises some of its rooms as being on the Hilton Universal City executive floor. This may suggest to you that you get access to a lounge. You do not. They don’t have one. You do get a dining credit and some robes. Don’t pay extra for the executive level unless the math adds up.

Hilton Los Angeles Universal City Standard Guest Rooms

The standard guest rooms are like the typical studios offered by most hotels. Options include two double beds, two queens, or one king and one sofabed.

Pro tip: Some rooms come with a view of Universal. I wouldn’t pay much more for it, but the kids will love that they can see a giant Minion from their bed.

Hilton Near Universal Hollywood Suites

One Bedroom Suite

The one bedroom suites are 850 square feet. They come with one king and one sofabed like the standard rooms, but have a separate living area and larger bathroom.

Directors Suite

The Directors Suites are 880 square feet. These rooms have a separate living area and large bathroom. You can select from two queen beds or one king and one sofabed. The maximum number of guests is four.

Diplomat Suite

The Diplomat Suite is almost 1,300 square feet. It has a separate living area and giant bathroom, but only one king and one daybed. The maximum number of guests is four, despite the fact that there is a table that seats eight.

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5. Download the Hilton Honors App

The free Hilton Honors app acts as a digital key. You can select your room and check-in without speaking to a person. It will also provide you with the hours for restaurant and activities. Download it before you arrive.

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6. Check-in Time at the Hilton Near Universal Studios Hollywood

Check-in time begins at 4:00 p.m. If the room is available, they will give you Hilton Universal City early check-in.

Pro tip: The front desk will hold your luggage while you go to the park.

universal hollywood hilton hotel front desk

7. Hilton Universal City Parking is Not Included

How much is parking at Hilton Universal City? As of the time of this writing, parking is $35 per night for Universal Hilton self parking and $48 per night for valet parking.

You don’t need a car to enjoy the park and CityWalk. Do the math to determine whether it makes sense to rely upon public transportation and rideshare services.


8. There is a Free Theme Park Shuttle at the Universal Hilton Hollywood

The resort offers a free shuttle to and from the theme park and CityWalk.

It doesn’t always start running before the park opens, so rope drop may not be an option.

It is typically available for a couple of hours after the park closes, so you will have time to visit CityWalk. Check the schedule at the time of your visit with the front desk.

Pro tip: Can you walk from Hilton to Universal Studios? If you don’t have mobility issues, you can easily walk to the park. It is a half mile away and involves some stairs, so it will not work for everyone.

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9. The Universal Hilton Pool is Outdoors

There is an outdoor, heated pool and hot tub at this resort. The Universal Hilton pool hours are reasonable, but not unlimited. If you wait until the end of the day to visit, it may be too cold. Build in some time to swim if it is important to your kids.

Cabanas are available for rent.

Pro tip: There is a quick service Hilton Universal City restaurant at the pool.

Bonus pro tip: Towels are available. You don’t need to bring them from the room.

universal hollywood hilton hotel pool

10. There is a Small Hilton Universal City Fitness Center

There is a small Hilton Universal gym at the hotel that is open 24 hours per day. You will get in plenty of steps at the park, so if you miss this, it won’t be a big loss.

universal hollywood hilton hotel sitting area

11. Pets Are Allowed

The hotel is pet friendly. You can bring two dogs or cats, up to 75 pounds each (which would be concerning for a cat), for $75 per animal.

Note: The Hilton Universal pet policy prohibits you from leaving animals in the room unattended. This is not ideal if you are visiting the park.

universal studios hollywood entrance

12. You Have to Request Housekeeping at the Hilton Universal Studios Hollywood Hotel

There is free housekeeping, but they’re not coming into your room unless you force the issue. You need to stay at least four nights for a more deep cleaning.

hollywood hills

13. Most Guests Don’t Get Free Wi-Fi

Does Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel have a Wi-Fi network? Yes, but it isn’t free for most. Wi-fi is $7.95, which is ridiculous.

Pro tip: Join the free Hilton Honors program to get it for free.

lounge restaurants at universal hilton

14. There is No Spa at the Hilton Hotel Hollywood

Does Hilton Universal have a spa? No, it doesn’t, but you probably wouldn’t have had time to visit anyway.

universal hollywood hilton hotel lobby

15. Hilton Universal Studios Hollywood Restaurants

Is there a restaurant in Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? Yes, there are several. If you don’t want to eat on property, there are plenty of restaurants near Hilton Universal City.

Pro tip: There is a free water refill station in the lobby.

Universal Hilton Cafe Sierra

Cafe Sierra is the most expensive of the Hilton Universal food options. It’s good, but it will cost you.

This indoor table service restaurant has elaborate Universal Hilton buffets. You may be able to order off an a la carte menu as well. Check the offerings at the time of your trip.

Pro tip: They will accommodate dietary restrictions, including gluten free.

Hilton Universal City FIVE on the Hill

FIVE on the Hill is an outdoor Universal Hilton restaurant that serves dinner on select nights. It has amazing views of the Hollywood Hills. It is a little pricey, but not nearly as steep as Cafe Sierra.

Kids are allowed, but I wouldn’t bring them in the evening if they are hyper after a day at the park.

Coffee Corner

Is breakfast available for free in Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? Not for everyone, but if you have a dining credit through your vacation package or status with Hilton, you can get it here.

Starbucks Coffee Corner is a quick service with an extensive coffee menu and some Universal Hilton breakfast items. It is only open in the morning.

Pro tip for Universal Studios Hollywood: This is a great place to grab quick items on the way to the park.

Atrium Hilton Universal Lobby Lounge

The Atrium Lounge is the bar at Hilton Universal City. It serves cocktails and snacks in the lobby during the afternoons and evenings. It is not a good place to eat a meal with children.

Hilton Universal Bar at the Pool

There is a quick service Hilton Universal Studios restaurant near the pool that serves drinks and typical fast food items. It has limited hours. Check the times when you visit, but you probably can’t eat here for dinner.

Room Service

Room service is typically available for breakfast and dinner on select days. Check the schedule at the time of your visit.

five on the hill

16. Checkout Time

Checkout is 11:00 a.m. If you check out late, the official policy is that you will be charged $160 until 6:00 p.m., and a full night’s fee after that. However, the hotel may have a lower price in place at the time of your visit.

Pro tip: The Hilton Universal City front desk will hold your luggage while you visit the park.

universal hollywood hilton hotel sitting area

17. Don’t Miss the Turtles

There is a small, outdoor water feature that houses turtles and fish. You will encounter it naturally if you walk to the park.


18. Ways to Save on a Hilton Universal Studios Hollywood Package

What is the price of a room in Hilton Los Angeles-Universal City Hotel? It varies, but there are lots of ways to get a deal.

Note: You need to purchase theme park tickets separately.

Direct Hilton Universal City Hotel Reservations

The hotel runs regular promotions. Check the Universal Studios Hollywood offers at the time of your trip.

Universal Hilton Hotel Hollywood Third Party Bookings

You can book through third party websites for discounted Universal Hilton room rates like Booking.com, Expedia, Hotellook, Tripadvisor, Travelocity, and Hotels.com

Note: You typically will not earn points with Hilton when you book this way, but you may be able to collect points from the third party site.

Check Groupon

You can sometimes find hotel deals near Universal Studios Hollywood through Groupon. It isn’t always the best deal, so compare prices before booking.

Join the Free Hilton Honors Program

Hilton Honors is Hilton’s program designed to reward guest loyalty. Perks vary based upon status, but at a minimum, you can get discounted rates and free wi-fi. If you take out a credit card or stay a few nights, you can also get free bottled water and a dining credit.

Kids Stay Free at the Hilton Hotel Near Universal Studios Hollywood

There is no additional per person charge for minors to stay in the room.

Kids Get Free Hilton Universal Hollywood Breakfast

Per Hilton’s website, kids ages 12 and under eat free at the Universal Studios Hollywood Hilton buffet at breakfast. However, you probably need to ask for this. They don’t seem to volunteer it.

Use Miles and Points to Save at the Universal Hilton in Universal City

Miles and points will save you a ton of money on Hilton Universal prices, as well as travel in general. If you haven’t started collecting them, you should seriously consider it.

Hilton Honors Credit Cards

American Express has a line of Hilton credit cards that earn Hilton Honors points and free night certificates. The Surpass gets you automatic Gold status, which comes with a dining credit, and the Aspire gives you Diamond status, which gets you a dining credit and more.

Pro tip: If you are a little short on the Hilton Honors points you need to reserve this stay, you can purchase them. This is generally not the most cost effective decision, but it is something to consider if you are close.

American Express Membership Rewards Points

Membership Rewards are American Express points. You can earn them through several different cards.

You can either book this hotel directly through American Express’ travel portal, or transfer your points to Hilton and book directly with the hotel. Do the math to determine what makes more sense, but transferring is almost always the way to go.


You can book this hotel through Chase’s travel portal using Ultimate Rewards points. These points can be earned with the Sapphire and Freedom lines of cards.

Note: Chase has a 5/24 rule. If you have taken out or been listed as an authorized user on five or more cards in the last 24 months, you may be declined.

Pro tip: You can earn bonuses on the same card more than once. You qualify for a bonus every 48 months as long as you don’t have any Sapphire card open at the time you apply.


You can book this hotel through Citi’s travel portal using Citi ThankYou points. These points can be earned with multiple cards with a variety of annual fees.

Capital One

Capital One Venture cards earn Rewards Miles. You can book through the Capital One Travel Portal, or book directly with the hotel then erase the charge from your statement using your Rewards Miles.

Pro tip: If the price is the same, booking directly with the hotel is better than through a travel portal. You will earn loyalty points with the hotel.

universal hollywood hilton hotel fountain

Final Thoughts – Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel Visitor Tips

Universal Hollywood doesn’t have the heavily themed on property hotels offered at the Orlando park. Given that, this hotel is a solid option. The location cannot be beat. Use the Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel visitor tips that work for you to plan your trip and save.

Visit Universal Hollywood with your family. You will not regret it.

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Universal Hollywood Hilton Hotel Visitor Tips

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