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LEGOLAND California Packing List: An Exercise in Self Control

LEGOLAND California Packing List Featured

LEGOLAND California Resort is a kids’ dream and a parents’ nightmare. The theme park is packed, the hotels are zoos, and the rooms are small. Don’t add to this chaos with unnecessary clutter. What should be on your LEGOLAND California packing list?

What Do You Need on Your LEGOLAND California Packing List?

1. Clothing

2. Accessories

3. Baby Stuff

4. Bathroom Essentials and Toiletries

5. First Aid and Medications

6. Methods of Payment

7. Documentation

8. Miscellaneous

9. Day Bag Packing

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LEGOLAND California Packing List

1. Clothing

Theme parks are not for the pretty. You don’t need to bring your going out clothes to LEGOLAND.

Pro tip: If you are working LEGOLAND California into a trip that is longer than a weekend, bring laundry pods and do laundry halfway through. You just cut the clothes you need to drag around in half.


LEGOLAND California is located in Carlsbad, a little over a half hour from San Diego and an hour and a half from Disneyland. The weather is comfortable most of the year, but double check at the time of your visit.

Averages are as follows:


Average High: Mid 60s

Average Low: Low 40s


Average High: Mid 60s

Average Low: Low 50s


Average High: Low 70s

Average Low: Low 60s


Average High: Mid 70s

Average Low: High 50s

What to Wear to LEGOLAND California

A. T-shirts – One or two extra at most.

B. Long sleeved shirts – Depending on the time of year.

C. A jacket – Emphasis on “A”.

D. Shorts – One or two extra at most.

E. Pants

F. Socks

G. Underwear

H. Bras

I. Pajamas

J. Swimwear – Two per person. Hang the wet suits in the bathroom and rotate. You don’t need them in the theme parks.

K. Amusement park shoes – If you can’t roll in flip flops all day.

L. Sandals or flip flops

What Not to Include in Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Formal wear – There is no need to dress up for your meal at the Apple Fries stand.

B. Workout gear – You are walking all day in the park. The odds of you wanting to work out after that are slim.

legoland california hotel lifeguard

2. Accessories

In this context, accessories means things with functional purposes, not Sister Wives Claddagh rings.

What to Include in Your LEGOLAND Packing List

A. Hair ties

B. Hats – Only if you want them.

C. Sunglasses

D. Ponchos – Only if needed. Check the weather.

E. Goggles – For the hotel only.

F. Masks – They are currently required indoors for the unvaccinated.

What Not to Pack

A. Umbrellas – Your kid can’t be trusted not to poke someone’s eye out.

B. A large selection of jewelry – You are just asking to lose it.

C. Floaties – The hotel has lifejackets.

legoland california mount rushmore

3. Baby Items

Babies are high maintenance. There is no getting around how much stuff they require, but you don’t need to pack more than you will ever require during your trip.

What Should I Pack for LEGOLAND California?

A. Bottles

B. Sippy cups

C. Bibs

D. Pacifiers

E. Formula and baby food

F. Breast pump and accessories – Will you use this and have somewhere to store the goods? Decide before you pack it.

G. Diapers – Don’t forget both regular and swim diapers, and don’t bring two full packs (ask me how I know this).

H. Wipes

I. StrollerLEGOLAND rents them on a first come, first served basis.

J. Car seat – Check to see if your ground transportation provider offers them if you aren’t driving your own car.

What Not to Add to Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Pack and Play – The hotel provides them.

B. High chair – Not worth it.

C. Baby monitor – Rooms are small. You will be able to hear the baby, probably more than you would like.

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4. Bathroom Essentials and Toiletries

Pro tip: Travel sized items are your friend. Try to avoid bringing things the hotel provides altogether, mini or not.

Bonus pro tip: Purchase travel bottles to bring smaller quantities of your favorite products.

What to Include in Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Glasses

B. Contact solution and extra contacts

C. Face wash

D. Makeup

E. Toothpaste

F. Toothbrush

G. Mouthwash

H. Floss

I. Deodorant

J. Sunscreen

K. Tweezers

L. Razors

M. Loofah

N. Hair styling products

O. Hairbrush

P. Cotton swabs

Q. Tissue

R. Feminine hygiene products

S. Lotion – If the hotel doesn’t provide it.

T. Shampoo – You only need this if it is not provided by the hotel or you need a special kind. Tear free is probably not at the hotel.

U. Conditioner – Same criteria as the shampoo.

V. Body wash – If the hotel doesn’t provide it.

W. Hand sanitizer – If you’re still afraid of COVID-19 when you are packing.

What Not to Pack

A. Hair dryer – The hotel provides one.

B. Nail clippers – Unless you’re going on a really long trip.

C. Anything you can get from the hotel

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5. Medications and First Aid

Condense everything as much as possible here. Think travel sized.

What to Add to Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Medications

B. Pain relievers (Adult and child)

C. Motion sickness medicine

D. Thermometer

E. Vitamins


G. Antibacterial cream

H. Medical equipment

What Not to Pack

A. Full bottles of anything

legoland california hotel knight

6. Methods of Payment

LEGOLAND California is expensive. You can cut the cost a little by earning miles and points on your purchases. Don’t miss this opportunity.

What to Include in Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Credit cards

B. Cash – Use sparingly.

What Not to Add to Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. A lot of cash

B. Debit card – There is no benefit to using it over a credit card. Bring it only if you think you will need to visit an ATM.

legoland california hotel exterior

7. Important Documentation

We all have smart phones. Everything is available online. Paper is a thing of the past. Got it.

If you are comfortable with the possibility that the Wi-Fi may be bad at the parks and you could have a difficult time accessing things in a timely fashion, skip the printed versions of some of the items below.

What Should I Take to LEGOLAND California?

A. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes

B. Hotel reservation confirmations

C. Rental car and ground transportation reservation confirmations

D. Proof of car insurance – When renting a car only

E. Tickets

F. Identification for all travelers

G. Health insurance card

H. Priority Pass card

What Not to Include in Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Any duplicate or unnecessary documentation with your personal information


8. Miscellaneous

What to Pack

A. Cell phones and chargers – The phone won’t last forever without being plugged in.

B. Portable cell phone charger – The LEGOLAND California app drains cell phone batteries faster than toilet paper leaves Costco during a pandemic.

C. Travel entertainment – Namely must have travel items, like screens, sugar, and one book so you can pat yourself on the back for being a great parent.

D. Snacks – For the plane and room only. LEGOLAND’s outside food policy only allows bottled water, small snacks, and food that is required for medical purposes or special dietary needs. You cannot bring in glass, open containers, alcohol, coolers, or picnic baskets.

E. Refillable water bottle

F. Noise canceling headphones – Only if your kid will freak out during the shows.

G. Gum

H. Laundry Detergent pods

I. LEGO Minifigures for trading – Only if your kid cares.

What Not to Include on Your LEGOLAND California Packing List

A. Night light – Crack the bathroom door and leave the light on.

B. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

C. Pool toys

D. Shoe organizer – You shouldn’t have that many shoes anyway.

E. Cameras – Smart phones take pictures.

F. Extra towels


9. Day Bag Packing


When packing for LEGOLAND California, less is more. If you no longer have the benefit of the storage area on wheels that is a stroller, you don’t want to carry around unnecessary items.

Are bags allowed in LEGOLAND California? Yes and no. Backpacks are fine. Rolling bags are not.

What to Pack for LEGOLAND California

A. Identification

B. Theme park tickets

C. Methods of payment

D. Cell phone and portable cell phone charger

E. Ponchos

F. Jackets

G. Motion sickness medication

H. Pain relievers

I. Sunscreen

J. Hats

K. Sunglasses

L. Tissue


N. Feminine hygiene products

O. Noise canceling headphones

P. Refillable water bottle

Q. Baby stuff you need on a typical day

R. Gum

S. Masks

T. Hand sanitizer

legoland california white house

Final Thoughts – LEGOLAND California Packing List

LEGOLAND California Resort is a little like the first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Do you really want to drag three suitcases through that beach? Save yourself the headache. Use the LEGOLAND California packing list to determine what you need, and bring only those items. In a pinch, you can always purchase something you forgot from the gift shop.

Visit LEGOLAND California and enjoy this time with your kids. They are only young and blind to the the less than perfect things about the resort once. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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LEGOLAND California Packing List

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  2. I love that you include a very detailed guide for going on a trip to Lego Land. You lay out all of the information in a very clear and organized way! I’d love to go to Lego Land with my daughter. We almost had the opportunity to go to the one in Orange County, New York, this past summer but it ended up not working out in our schedule. We’ll get to Lego Land one day!

  3. I think my boyfriend would love LEGOLAND! Maybe next year we’ll make a trip up there since I also want to check out the Wizarding World 😊

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