Is Eccles Dinosaur Park Worth Visiting?

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The property is relatively small, not overly updated, and lacks shelter from the weather. It is also reasonably priced with enough to do to entertain kids for a few hours. Is Eccles Dinosaur Park worth visiting?

Is Eccles Dinosaur Park Worth Visiting: Things to Consider

1. Where is it?

2. What is it?

3. It isn’t Open Every Day

4. What Can You See and Do?

5. How Long Do You Need?

6. No Pets Allowed

7. There is No Food or Water For Sale

8. There Are Dinosaur Park Events

9. Parking is Free

10. There Are Ways to Save

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Is Eccles Dinosaur Park Worth Visiting?

1. Where is Dinosaur Park?

The Dinosaur Park address is 1544 Park Boulevard in Ogden, Utah. You can reach it in about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City. The area is filled with mountains, which makes for a scenic drive from any direction.

What hotels are near George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park? There are several affordable choices.

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2. What is Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah?

The property consists of the outdoor park, the Elizabeth Dee Shaw Stewart Museum of Paleontology, and the Ogden Natural History Museum. Both museums are in the same building.

There are over 100 outdoor dinosaur sculptures. You will also find some outdoor playgrounds and a place to dig in the sand.

The interior building has fossils, bones, gems, and an animatronic showdown between a couple of dinosaurs. This area is small and will not take long to visit.

Pro tip: The outdoor section has absolutely no shelter from the weather. Check it before you visit. Bad weather may ruin your day.

Bonus pro tip: Don’t forget the sunscreen.

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3. It isn’t Open Every Day

The park is not open every day. For example, during the winter months, it is typically open Wednesday through Saturday only. Dinosaur Park hours also vary. Check the schedule at the time of your visit to make sure it is open.

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4. What Can You See and Do?

Pro tip: Arrive early. Every area of the facility is best enjoyed without others. Beat the rush.

Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park is an outdoor area with several different trails and over 100 dinosaur sculptures. Most are family friendly, but some are about to be eaten, and at least one is laying on the ground with a bloody wound next to a Tyrannosaurus rex.

The outdoor area opened in 1993. While there has certainly been upkeep since that time, some of the dinosaurs could use a refresh. Some make noises, some don’t. Some have wires hanging out of them, some don’t.


There are outdoor playgrounds with dinosaur theming built in.

Dig in Sand

There is an outdoor sandbox area to dig for fossils.

Feed Fish

There is an outdoor pond with a lot of fish that have grown very accustomed to children feeding them. Your kids will want to get in on the action.

Pro tip: Don’t forget quarters to buy the food from the machines.

Explore the Indoor Museum

The indoor area features some dinosaur skeletons and real fossils. It also has more statues and a fairly extensive gem section.

Pro tip: There are animatronic dinosaurs in the upstairs area. One is a baby at risk of being eaten. This section won’t bother most kids, but I personally witnessed one scream and refuse to exit the elevator, so they aren’t for everyone. You might want to consider noise canceling headphones.

Mine a Gem

Kids can pay extra to mine a gem in the interior building. You don’t need to do this. You’ll have a perfectly nice day without it.

Pro tip: This area gets crowded, particularly when a large group heads in that direction. If you see little to no line, stop what you’re doing and head over.

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5. How Long Do You Need?

The property is eight and a half acres. It has indoor exhibits, outdoor play areas, and paths to see the outdoor dinosaurs. If you want to see and do everything, I would plan to be there at least three hours.


6. No Pets Allowed

Pets, other than service animals, are not allowed anywhere on property, including the outdoor dinosaur area. If you are trying to work this park into part of a larger road trip with pets, understand that your dog cannot come in.

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7. There is No Food or Water For Sale

You can feed fish at the property, but you can’t feed or hydrate anyone else.

There used to be a quick service restaurant, but it has not operated since COVID. There is nowhere to buy water. Nowhere. No vending machine, no cart, no refrigerator, Nothing. We resorted to buying a plastic souvenir cup from the stand by the front desk gift shop and filling it up in the water fountain.

Pro tip: Bring a refillable water bottle.

Bonus pro tip: Outside food is allowed. Alternatively, visit a restaurant nearby before or after your visit.

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8. There Are Special Events

Special events are offered throughout the year. Highlights include Dinos in the Dark during Halloween and Frozen in Time around the winter holidays. Check the offerings at the time of your visit to see if anything interests you.

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9. Parking is Free

Parking on property is free. It isn’t a huge lot. Your walk to the door will be reasonable.

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10. There Are Ways to Save

The Dinosaur Park ticket prices are reasonable, but there are ways to save.

Pick the Best Ticket Option

How much are tickets to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, Utah? As of the time of this writing, they cost $7 for adults, $6 for seniors and students, and $5 for kids ages two through 12.

Pro tip: You can purchase a ticket for a family of four for $24. If you have kids over 12, this is the way to go.

Bonus pro tip: Kids under age two are free.

Visit with a Group

As of the time of this writing, groups of 10 or more get in for $5 per adult and $4 per child.

Note: You must call and purchase your tickets at least seven days in advance.

Military Discounts

Active duty military personnel and their immediate families get a 10% discount as of the time of this writing.


Planning to visit multiple times? A membership may make sense for you. In addition to admission, you get into the Ogden Nature Center, Ogden Union Station, and Tracy Aviary on specific days.


You may be able to find deals on Groupon.

Utah Kids Club

As of the time of this writing, Utah Kids Club members get free child admission.

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Final Thoughts – Is Eccles Dinosaur Park Worth Visiting?

Is Eccles Dinosaur Park worth visiting? It definitely is if you are in the area anyway and have young kids. There is enough for them to do to fill a few hours, and even full price admission is completely reasonable. I would not hesitate to try it.

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Is Eccles Dinosaur Park Worth Visiting?

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