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Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Worth it for Families?

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The city is known for gambling, booze, and women wearing only thongs and feathers. Your kids will learn so much. If you have to bring them, you want to stay somewhere appealing. Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas worth it for families?

Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Worth it for Families?: Things to Consider

1. Where is Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas?

2. The Property Is Massive

3. All the Venetian Vegas Rooms Are Suites

4. Venetian Vegas Parking is Free

5. There Is a High Venetian Vegas Resort Fee

6. Is the Venetian Las Vegas Pet Friendly?

7. You Might Have to Pay to Check In Early and Check Out Late

8. There Are Over 50 Venetian Restaurants On Property

9. The Venetian Vegas Pool Hours Leave Something to Be Desired

10. You Can Take a Venetian Vegas Gondola Ride

11. There Are Things to Do in Venetian Vegas That Are Kid Friendly at an Extra Charge

12. The Venetian Vegas Shows Are Not for Children

13. The Venetian Vegas Spa Is Amazing

14. There Is a Free Venetian Vegas Fitness Center

15. Kids Can’t Gamble

16. People Can Smoke in the Venetian Casinos

17. Everything Is Expensive

18. There Are Ways to Save with Venetian Las Vegas Offers

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Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Worth it for Families?

1. Where is Venetian Located?

The hotel address is 3355 South Las Vegas Boulevard. If traffic cooperates, you can get there in 15 minutes from the airport.

Is the Venetian Hotel on the Strip? Yes, near lots of other resorts and restaurants. All of the resorts are grand, filled with things to see and do, and easily accessible on foot.

Note: The Strip smells of marijuana and bad decisions at night. Venture out during the day with kids.

Is the Venetian worth it for families?: Yes

venetian 5 star hotel las vegas fountain

2. The Property is Massive

This hotel has over 7,000 guest rooms. As of the time of this writing, it is the largest hotel in the United States and the second largest in the world.

What’s in the Venetian Hotel Las Vegas? A lot. There is a large shopping and dining area, several pools, and multiple casinos.

Pro tip: Check out the property map before you go.

Is it worth it for families?: Yes (as long as your kid doesn’t get lost)

venice like hotel in las vegas

3. All the Rooms Are Venetian Vegas Suites

Is the Venetian Las Vegas kid friendly? When it comes to rooms, it is.

This property only has suites. Even the smallest Venetian rooms are much larger than your average hotel room. This is a huge advantage for families.

The property is composed of two connected sections, the Venetian and Palazzo Las Vegas towers. Both are Trump Tower-level gaudy, dripping with detail and shiny things. If you’re into theming, this property is a great option.

Note: Amenities include hairdryers, robes, and irons. Bottles of water and fruit (but not utensils to, say, peel a kiwi) are left as well. Rooms do not include microwaves or coffee makers, and if you want a refrigerator, it will cost you $40 per day. This is highway robbery.

Note: The refrigerator that is already in your room is filled with things that cost money. If you even move an item, you will be automatically charged.

Pro tip: All suites come with free self and valet Venetian Las Vegas parking.

Bonus pro tip: If you’re looking for a more bougie experience, you can upgrade your reservation to club level. Club level guests get some fluff, like afternoon coffee and a daily cocktail reception. They also get free breakfast in the lounge. Do the math to decide if this makes sense for you.

As of the time of this writing, the options are as follows:

Venetian Las Vegas Tower

Venetian Vegas Luxury King Suite

This suite isn’t the best option for families with more than two people because of the single bed, but it still has a ton of space. There is a separate living area with a couch and small table, as well as a soaking tub in the bathroom.

Note: The separate living area in the Luxury King Suite is not divided by a wall. You can’t close the door to your sleeping area.

Venetian King room size: 650 square feet

Venetian Vegas Luxury Suite with Two Queens

The Queen Suite has the same layout as the Luxury King, but comes with more space. You will find the same separate living area and soaking tub.

Size: 750 square feet

Premium Two Queen Venetian Suites

The Premium Two Queen Suite comes with a double door entrance and more space than the luxury suites. This room features a walk-in closet, which is probably unnecessary for a short visit.

Size: 1,100 square feet

Grand Venetian King Suite

The Grand King Suite still only has the one bed, but you get a second half bath, a larger tub, and living room.

Size: 1,500 square feet

Grand One Bedroom Suite

Finally, a door to close on your children. This suite is smaller with one bathroom, but you get a bar that you can actually use while your kids sleep in another room.

Size: 1,300 square feet

Executive King Suite

The Executive King Suite is larger than your average city apartment, featuring a living and dining area with a bar and a large tub. You can choose between a theater or workout room (no brainer). Again, there is only the one bed.

Size: 1,850 square feet

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite has two bedrooms with one king and two queens, two bathrooms, a fireplace, and a chandelier, which is always a good idea with young kids.

Pro tip: This suite comes with free lounge access.

Size: 2,600 square feet

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite is pure insanity. It features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, three fireplaces, a grand piano, a workout room, a sauna, a steam room, a pool table, and a movie theater.

Pro tip: This suite comes with free lounge access.

Size: 5,200 square feet

Two queen suite living room

The Palazzo at the Venetian Vegas Tower

Is the Palazzo good for families? Yes, it is the nicer of the two towers and you can easily walk to the attractions throughout the entire resort.

Luxury King Suite

This Palazzo hotel room has one king bed, a separate living area, and a large bathroom with a soaking tub.

Note: The separate living area is not separated by a wall. You can’t close a door to the sleeping area.

Size: 720 square feet

The Luxury Palazzo Suites with Two Queens

This suite is the same as the Luxury King, with the only difference being the beds.

Venetian Las Vegas Queen Suite size: 720 square feet

Premium Palazzo King Suite

This suite is similar to the Luxury Suites, except there are more sitting areas.

Size: 940 square feet

Grand One Bedroom Suite

The Grand One Bedroom suite has a king sized bed in a sleeping area with a door that can be closed, and an extra half bath.

Size: 1,280 square feet

Venetian Las Vegas Executive Suite

The Executive Suites have one and two bedroom options. You can choose to add a theater, pool table, or piano. The one bedrooms have one king, and the two bedrooms have one king and two queens.

Size: 1,850 square feet

Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite has two bedrooms with one king and two queens and three bathrooms. You can add a media room, pool table, piano, and massage parlor (what now?).

Size: 3,204 square feet

Presidential Suite

This Palazzo room is larger than just about everyone’s house. There are three and four bedroom options with a mix of king and queen beds. You can get a media room, workout room, massage parlor, and a balcony with a jacuzzi.

Size: 6,277 square feet

The Palazzo in Las Vegas Chairman Suite

Who knew a chairman was more important than a president? The Chairman Suite has a workout room, massage parlor, steam room, sauna, and a private pool and spa. There are three and four bedroom options with king and queen sized beds.

Size: 6,367 square feet

Are the rooms worth it for families?: Hard yes

two queen suite beds

4. The Venetian Las Vegas Parking is Free

How much is parking at Venetian Las Vegas? Both self parking and valet parking are free to hotel guests. This is a huge perk if you are juggling small kids and luggage.

Is Venetian Las Vegas free parking worth it for families?: Yes

venetian las vegas what to do mall

5. There is a High Venetian Resort Las Vegas Fee

As of the time of this writing, the resort fee is $45 per night. It comes with absolutely nothing useful to you. It doesn’t even get your whole family into the gym unless you are a family of two.

Resort fees are generally annoying, but I might be able to get on board if more activities at the hotel were included.

The hotel justifies the cost by including Wi-Fi (which is free to everyone in the common areas), allowing you to make local calls like it’s 1988, offering to print your boarding pass like it’s 1998, and letting you read magazines on an app. That’s basically it.

Is it worth it for families?: Absolutely not

palazzo las vegas pool

6. Is the Venetian Las Vegas Dog Friendly?

Other than service animals, pets are not allowed. This won’t matter for most people, but if you’re on a family road trip with the dog, the dog can’t stay at this hotel. On the flip side, if your kid has allergies, this hotel is a great choice.

Is it worth it for families?: It depends upon your situation

what to do venetian las vegas gondolas

7. You Might Have to Pay Extra to Check In Early or Check Out Late

As of the time of this writing, check-in starts at 3:00 p.m. Checkout is at 11:00 a.m. You can request early check-in and late checkout, but the hotel reserves the right to charge you.

Pro tip: If you book through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program, you get guaranteed late checkout.

Bonus pro tip: The hotel will hold your luggage for free.

venetian las vegas images lobby

8. There Are Over 50 Venetian Las Vegas Restaurants and Bars on Property

The property essentially has a giant mall filled with tons of restaurants and stores. There is a food court of sorts with some fast food chains, but the majority of the food is upscale and expensive. Even the bakeries cost a small fortune.

In addition to food options, there are several cute bars. With kids, you will obviously miss them.

This property wins the day in gelato. You won’t stay long enough to visit them all.

Pro tip: The majority of the upscale restaurants can easily accommodate food allergies. Gluten free food flows freely. Don’t miss Lobster ME for a quick service lobster roll on gluten free bread.

Bonus pro tip: Try the Bellini Bar.

Extra bonus pro tip: There is a Walgreens nearby if you are looking for a snack or drink for the room. It will be much cheaper than anything the hotel sells.

Is it worth it for families?: Eh. While variety sounds nice, the inflated cost of the restaurants makes it difficult to place dining options in the pro column.

venetian shops

9. The Pool Hours Leave Something to Be Desired

Is the Venetian pool kid friendly? The property has 11 pools between the two towers. You can access all of them. Awesome, right? Not so much for families. Here’s why.

There Are No Slides

The pools scream adult. There are no slides or kid-centric pools, other than a small splash pad for little kids.

It is Huge

The pool area covers two acres. It is so spread out that it will be impossible for you to sit on the sideline with a cocktail while your kid pool hops.

It Closes Early

As of the time of this writing, the pool closes at 6:00 p.m., even on the weekend. I assume the adults are heading off to their fancy dinners and Blackjack tables, but not you with kids. Check the hours at the time of your visit, but you probably need to plan to swim during the day.

Bradley Cooper’s Character in the Hangover Would Fit Right in

Hotel guests also get free access to TAO Beach Dayclub during the early hours of the day. This area features a DJ and a crowd of people with whom I would have loved to party in 2003. If you still have the energy for this, you won’t be able to do it with your kids.

Note: You can rent cabanas and reserved seating at the pool. How much are cabanas at Venetian Las Vegas, you ask? As of the time of this writing, chairs go for $75 and cabanas are $2,300. That is not a typo. Do not do this. Arrive early. You will be able to find chairs.

Pro tip: The pool bar, Capri, has frozen raspberry and pineapple yogurt. You can make this into an alcoholic Dole Whip. It was the best thing I had the entire trip. It was also $30.

Is the Venetian pool family friendly?: Kind of

palazzo pool

10. You Can Take the Venetian Las Vegas Gondola Ride

You can take a gondola ride at the Venetian Vegas Hotel. Boats travel through both the interior and around the exterior of the hotel. Aspiring actors sing and tell jokes while paddling.

While this is an undoubtedly unique experience, it looked like most of the occupants of the boats were having an awkward time. This probably isn’t worthwhile with adults only, but kids who don’t pick up on social cues will be into it.

Cost: As of the time of this writing, gondola prices range from $34 to $39 per person depending upon the day. You can add photo packages for an additional $32. A family of four could drop nearly $200 on this experience.

Pro tip: The Venetian boat rides are not walkup. You need to reserve a time at the ticket booths. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Bonus pro tip: Boat rides are not reserved for guests of the hotel. If you stay elsewhere, you can still do this.

Is it worth it for families?: Possibly (if you can stomach the cost)

venetian what to do gondola

11. There Are Kid Friendly Activities at an Extra Charge

Is the Venetian kid friendly? When it comes to activities, yes and no. There are several kids will enjoy, but none are included in the resort fee. Everything costs more.

Some highlights include Madame Tussauds, a virtual escape room, and a rock wall. There is also an ice bar that admits kids before 9:00 p.m. in which you stand in a freezing cold room and have a drink.

In addition to the on property activities, you can book tours off property through the hotel. The Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, and Zion National Park are popular day trips.

Is it worth if for families?: Yes (if you’re willing to pay for it)

what's at the venetian las vegas rock wall

12. The Shows at the Venetian Vegas Hotel Are Not for Families

Is the Venetian family friendly? Not when it comes to shows.

The resort features rotating shows starring B-list celebrities. Most will have left the limelight long before your children were born. Check the schedule at the time of your visit if you’re interested in the options.

As of the time of this writing, the Atomic Saloon Show runs constantly. We didn’t watch it, but from what I can gather, scantily clad acrobats swing around on stripper poles, and nuns make an appearance.

Is the Venetian Las Vegas entertainment worth it for families?: Uh, no.


13. The Spa at Venetian Vegas is Amazing

Is the Venetian Hotel kid friendly? Not when it comes to the spa.

This property houses the Canyon Ranch Spa. This. Spa. Is. Amazing. It is a must do.

There are a bunch of different experience rooms, including a salt grotto and wave room. You can easily spend multiple days here relaxing in the rooms, even if you never get a treatment.

You get access to the entire facility all day when you book a treatment. Fitness classes are included if that is your thing, as are little gift bags with chocolate, which is my thing.

As of the time of this writing, hotel guests can purchase day passes for $75 Monday through Thursday and $100 Friday through Sunday. I would almost never pay this much just to enter the facility, but in the case of this spa, I would.

This spa would be wasted on a child. Fortunately, you won’t have to decide whether to bring your young kids, because the spa won’t let you bring anyone under age 14.

Note: The facility is clothing optional, and a lot of people exercise that option.

Pro tip: The Venetian Las Vegas spa runs specials. Check the offerings at the time of your visit.

Bonus pro tip: Join the free Grazie Rewards program for a discount on treatments.

Is the spa at Venetian Las Vegas worth it for families?: No (but definitely yes for adults only)

venetian las vegas things to do spa

14. The Venetian Vegas Gym is Free

There is a free fitness center, but it isn’t 24 hours. If you want to go after your young kids go to bed, it probably won’t work for you.

In addition to the free equipment, you can book classes at an extra cost.

Pro tip: There is a rock climbing wall kids can pay extra to use.

Is the Venetian Las Vegas gym worth it for families?: No

lobby statue

15. Kids Can’t Gamble

As you likely already know, kids can’t gamble. The casinos are vast and filled with bright lights and fun noises. Slot machines look a whole lot like arcade games.

Your family will have to walk through the casinos to reach your destination. Your kids will want to play, and may be disappointed when they can’t. There is no arcade for kids in the hotel, so there is no good alternative.

Pro tip: If you want to visit an arcade, visit Excalibur.

Is it worth it for families?: No

slot machines

16. People Can Smoke in the Casino

Smoking is allowed in the casinos. Your kids can’t gamble, so why should you care?

The casinos are huge. You will most certainly have to walk through them to reach your destination at some point. If you don’t like the idea of your kids breathing in secondhand smoke, this situation is not ideal.

Is it worth it for families?: No

tower exterior

17. Everything is Expensive

Is the Venetian expensive? Yes, yes it is. Everything, and I mean everything, is expensive at this hotel. From the activities, to the food, to the shopping. Everything. Is. Insane.

While there are meaningful ways to save on room rates, there isn’t much you can do to save on everything else. The pool closes early, and there aren’t any free activities in which kids can participate. You will likely need to budget more than you normally would.

Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas worth it for families?: No

venetian las vegas mall

18. There Are Ways to Save

How much are rooms at the Venetian in Las Vegas? A lot. This hotel is not cheap. Fortunately, there are ways to save.

Join the Free Venetian Grazie Rewards Program

The Venetian Las Vegas Grazie Rewards program is free to join. You have to be a degenerate serious gambler to realize its full benefits, but everyone gets discounted hotel rates, cheaper gondola rides, and discounts at the spa.

Direct Venetian Vegas Bookings

Check for Specials

The hotel offers discounts constantly. Check the offerings at the time of your visit, then check periodically after you book to see if you can find a better price.

Specials may include dining credits, so be sure to consider this when you decide what makes the most sense for you.

Pro tip: Joining the free Grazie program may save you even more.

Venetian Las Vegas Military Discount

Veterans and active duty military members get discounted rates. You must call to book.

Check Third Party Providers for Deals on Venetian Las Vegas

You may be able to find discounted rates on sites like Expedia, Hotels.com, Hotellook, Tripadvisor, Travelocity, or Booking.com.

Venetian Las Vegas Bookings Through Groupon

You may be able to find deals on Groupon. Be sure to compare prices. This may not be the best deal.

venetian las vegas stores

Use Miles and Points for Venetian Vegas Deals

American Express Travel Portal

You can book either tower through American Express’ travel portal using Membership Rewards points. These can be earned with several cards.

Venetian Las Vegas Deals Through American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts Program

If you hold the American Express Platinum card, you can get a great deal on packages for the Palazzo tower through the Fine Hotels and Resorts program.

You will get several perks, including room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, champagne, early check-in when available, guaranteed 4:00 p.m. checkout, and a $100 resort credit.

This credit card gives you a $200 annual credit to use toward this program. You could apply that credit to your reservation for additional savings.

Pro tip: If you book your vacation package through this program, you need to check in at a separate desk in the lobby.

Capital One

The Capital One Venture line of cards allow you to erase travel expenses with your Capital One miles. You could book your stay directly, then erase it from your statement.

Alternatively, you could book through the Capital One travel portal and apply your Capital One miles to the payment.


You can book this hotel through Chase’s travel portal using Ultimate Rewards points. These points can be earned with several cards, including Freedom and Sapphire cards.


You can book this hotel though Citi’s portal using ThankYou points. These points can be earned with several cards.

Are the Venetian Las Vegas Hotel deals worth it for families?: Yes

venetian pool las vegas

Final Thoughts – Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Worth it for Families?

The hotel has some things going for it for families, but there are also a lot of strikes against it. It is incredibly expensive and feels geared toward adults. However, one could argue that that is the story with Las Vegas in general.

This city wouldn’t be my first choice with kids. If you decide to come and can accept that you will drop a small fortune, this hotel is nicer than most on the Strip. It will likely be worth it to you.

is the venetian hotel in las vegas worth it for families pin

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Is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas Worth it for Families?

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