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Las Vegas Packing List for Families: Don’t Overpack

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The city offers a wide range of activities, most of which don’t cater to and/or allow children. It is hard to know what you might need for an enjoyable trip with kids. Unless you’re staying in a Jay-Z-level suite, your room won’t be that big. What should be on your Las Vegas packing list for families?

What Should Be on Your Las Vegas Packing List for Families?

1. Clothing

2. Accessories

3. Documentation

4. Methods of Payment

5. Toiletries

6. Baby Items

7. Medications and First Aid

8. Miscellaneous


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Las Vegas Packing List for Families

1. Clothing

Las Vegas has a ton of expensive restaurants that require fancy clothing. If you’re not visiting said restaurants with kids, don’t feel the need to stuff your suitcase with cocktail dresses. There are plenty of casual options.

If you’re there for more than a day or two with access to a car, consider leaving the city. You can reach Death Valley within a couple of hours, and the Grand Canyon within a couple more. Don’t feel locked into spending your entire trip in the land of gambling, bikinis, and poor decision-making.


Las Vegas is comfortable most of the year, but the summers are miserable. Check the weather before your trip.

The averages are as follows:


Average high: Low 60s

Average low: Low 30s


Average high: Low 80s

Average low: Mid-40s


Average high: Mid-100s (really)

Average low: Mid-60s


Average high: Low 80s

Average low: High 40s

What to Bring to Las Vegas

A. Shorts 

B. Pants 

C. T-shirts 

D. Pajamas 

E. Nice clothes and dresses – Only if you need them.

F. Bras 

G. Underwear

H. Socks 

I. Walking shoes

J. Sandals or flip flops

K. Swimwear – Two per person. Hang wet suits in the bathroom and alternate.

L. Rain jacket – If needed.

M. Nicer shoes – Only if you need them.

N. Workout gear – Only if you will actually use it.

O. Winter gear – Only if needed.

What to Exclude from Your Las Vegas Packing Checklist

A. Wrinkle release spray– Steam from the shower has the same effect.

B. A sewing kit

C. An iron

D. Unnecessary dress clothes

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2. Accessories

What to Include When Packing for Vegas with Kids

A. Goggles 

B. Sunglasses – In addition to or instead of hats.

C. Hats – In addition to or instead of sunglasses.

D. Hair ties 

E. Jewelry – Only if you need it.

F. Belt – If needed.

G. Earplugs – Drunk people don’t lower their voices in hotel hallways.

H. Floaties – Your resort may provide life jackets. Double-check before your trip.

I. Umbrellas or ponchos – Only if needed.

J. A day bag

K. Refillable water bottles

What Not to Include When Packing for Las Vegas

A. A large selection of expensive jewelry

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3. Documentation

What to Bring to Vegas

A. Identification

B. Priority Pass card – If you have it, for airport lounge access.

C. Health insurance card

D. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes

E. Hotel reservation confirmations

F. Ground transportation reservation confirmations 

G. Casino loyalty cards – For perks like free parking and discounts at restaurants

H. Show tickets

What Not to Pack

A. Any unnecessary or duplicate documentation with your personal information

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4. Methods of Payment

What to Pack for Vegas

A. Credit cards 

B. Cash – Especially if you want to gamble.

What Not to Pack

A. A lot of cash

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5. Bathroom Essentials

Pro tip: Purchase travel bottles to bring your favorite products in smaller quantities.

What to Pack

A. Glasses

B. Contact solution and extra contacts

C. Toothbrush

D. Toothpaste

E. Mouthwash

F. Floss

G. Chapstick

H. Hand sanitizer

I. Tissue

J. Cotton swabs

K. Tweezers

L. Face wash

M. Sunscreen

N. Deodorant 

O. Lotion – Only bring it if you need a special kind.

P. Shampoo – Only if you need a particular kind, like tear-free.

Q. Conditioner – Only if you want or need a specific kind.

R. Body wash – Only if you need a specific kind.

S. Loofah

T. Razor

U. Feminine hygiene products 

V. Makeup

W. Makeup remover

X. Hairbrush

Y. Hair styling products

Z. Nail file

What Not to Pack

A. Nail clippers – Clip your nails before you leave or use a file.

B. Nail polish – Paint from the comfort of your home.

C. Hair dryer – Your hotel almost definitely has one.

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6. Baby Items

What to Add to Your Las Vegas Packing List for Families

A. Stroller – Instead of a baby sling.

B. Baby sling – Instead of a stroller.

C. Formula and baby food

D. Sippy cups 

E. Bibs

F. Car seat – If needed.

G. Breast pump and accessories 

H. Bottles

I. Diapers – Both regular and swim.

J. Wipes

K. Pacifiers

L. Bottle cleaner

M. Dish soap to clean bottles

What to Leave at Home

A. Baby monitor 

B. Pack and Play – Your hotel almost definitely provides this, but double-check.

C. High chair


7. Medications and First Aid

You need your medications, but you don’t need a three-month supply. Condense.

What to Pack

A. Thermometer

B. Any necessary medical equipment

C. Pain relievers – For both children and adults.

D. Vitamins

E. Medications

F. Antibacterial cream


What Not to Pack

A. Full bottles of anything

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8. Miscellaneous

What to Add to Your Las Vegas Packing List for Families

A. Hotel and airplane entertainment 

B. Snacks – Food on the Strip is exceedingly expensive.

C. Gum 

D. Cell phones and chargers

E. Portable cell phone charger

F. Waterproof cell phone case – If you want to take pictures in the water.

What Not to Pack

A. Night light – Leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked.

B. Shoe organizer – You shouldn’t have enough shoes to require organization.

C. Cameras – Phones have cameras now.

D. Pool toys

E. Extra towels 

F. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

G. Travel clothesline and clips – Use the shower curtain rod.

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Final Thoughts – Las Vegas Packing List for Families

This city is expensive, loud, and adult-centric. Some may even argue that it is stressful with kids. Don’t add to your irritation with unnecessary luggage and no itinerary. Use the Las Vegas packing list for families as a guideline to help you bring what you need to carry out your plans.

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