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LEGOLAND Florida Tips: Save Money and Maximize Your Trip

LEGOLAND Florida Tips Entrance

LEGOLAND Florida is no Disney. It is also not exactly down the street from Orlando. If you accept these facts and your kid loves LEGOs, the effort required to visit may be worth it to you. What LEGOLAND Florida tips do you need to save money and maximize your trip?

What LEGOLAND Florida Tips Do You Need to Know?

1. Where is LEGOLAND Florida Located?

2. Avoid the Crowds

3. Save Money

4. Is Fastrack Worth it?

5. Do You Need a VIP Experience?

6. Download the LEGOLAND Florida App

7. What Hours is LEGOLAND Florida Open?

8. Arrive Early

9. Where Do You Park?

10. Can You Rent Strollers and ECVs?

11. What Are the LEGOLAND Florida Attractions?

12. Utilize Parent Swap

13. Use the Baby Care Center

14. Lockers Are Available

15. Don’t Carry Your Purchases Around All Day

16. Make a Touring Plan

17. Where Can You Eat?

18. You Can Bring in Outside Food

19. You Can Come and Go As You Please

20. Should You Buy a Photo Package?

21. You Can Trade Minifigures

22. Don’t Accept a Rainout

23. LEGOLAND Florida COVID-19 Safety Precautions

24. Staying On Property Is Not Always Worth it

25. Dress for the Weather for LEGOLAND Florida

26. How Many Days Do You Need for LEGOLAND Florida?

27. Is LEGOLAND Florida Worth it?

28. Pack Your LEGOLAND Florida Day Bag

LEGOLAND Florida Orlando

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LEGOLAND Florida Tips

1. LEGOLAND Florida Location

LEGOLAND Florida is located at 1 LEGOLAND Way in Winter Haven, which is not exactly down the street from Disney World. You can make it in under an hour from both Tampa and Orlando, but you need to really want to visit to make it worth your time.

2. Avoid Crowds

How crowded is LEGOLAND Florida? It’s crowded, but it’s not always Black Friday at Walmart crowded.

Generally speaking, if kids are in school, the park will be less crowded. Random non-summer and non-holiday weekdays are much different than the summer, weekends, and during school breaks. If your kids have an odd day off from school, that would be a great time to visit.

Pro tip: If you purchase Fastrack Unlimited, you don’t need to care about crowd levels.

LEGOLAND Florida Winter Haven Star Wars

3. LEGOLAND Florida Discount Tickets

LEGOLAND Florida discounts are not hard to find. Do not pay full price. The best deal for you depends on your situation and the promotions offered at the time of your trip. Check the following before making your purchase:

A. LEGOLAND Florida Resort Direct Purchase

Daily Tickets for LEGOLAND Florida

The park rewards go getters. Buy online ahead of time to get LEGOLAND Florida specials. You purchase tickets for specific dates, so separate LEGOLAND Florida reservations to the theme park are not required.

Pro tip: Check for LEGOLAND Florida ticket deals! At the time of this writing, you can buy single day tickets that get you into both the theme park and water park starting at $59.99 per day. This won’t always be there, but something else might.

Bonus Pro tip: Children under age three are free, so don’t buy tickets for them.

As of the time of this writing, ticket options directly through LEGOLAND Florida are:

Single Day Tickets to LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park Only

LEGOLAND Florida one day pass tickets start around $85 per person.

LEGOLAND Florida 1 Day Tickets to Both the Theme Park and Water Park

The LEGOLAND Florida 1 day admission tickets that get you into both parks start around $110.

Pro tip: Do not buy these tickets. You won’t even get through the whole theme park in one day. Do you really want to add water park nonsense into the equation?

LEGOLAND Florida 2 Day Ticket Deals for the Theme Park Only

These tickets generally aren’t much more than the single day tickets. They start around $105 per person as of the time of this writing. Do the math, but this probably makes financial sense if you are staying in the area.

LEGOLAND Florida 2 Day Pass to the Theme Park and Water Park

These tickets start around $130 per person and get you into both parks.

LEGOLAND Florida Pictures Miniland

LEGOLAND Florida Annual Passes

If you live in the area or plan to visit a couple of times, annual passes may make sense for you. Check the LEGOLAND Florida season pass Blockout Calendar to make sure you can get in when you want. As of the time of this writing, your options are:

Awesomer Pass

The Awesomer Pass starts at $179.99 per person and includes:

1. Unlimited LEGOLAND Florida admission to the theme park and water park

2. Unlimited admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando, Madame Tussauds Orlando, and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta

3. Free standard parking

4. Two free one day tickets with admission to both parks for guests

5. Save $25 each on up to four LEGOLAND Florida guest passes

6. 10% off dining and retail

7. Discounts to LEGOLAND Florida Resort Hotel and Pirate Island Hotel

8. Annual collectible brick

Awesomest Pass

The Awesomest Pass starts at $299.99 per person and includes:

1. Unlimited admission to the theme park and water park

2. Unlimited admission to Merlin attractions throughout the country, including LEGOLAND California

3. Free preferred parking

4. Three free one day tickets with admission to both parks for guests

5. Save $25 each on up to four guest tickets

6. 10% off dining and retail

7. Pirate Island and LEGOLAND Florida Hotel Deals

8. LEGOLAND Florida year pass lanyard (big who cares?)

9. Annual collectible brick (again, who cares?)

LEGOLAND in Florida pictures dog

LEGOLAND Florida Packages

You can purchase a LEGOLAND Florida vacation package that includes a hotel stay, tickets, breakfast, and parking. Prices for LEGOLAND Florida vary wildly depending on the dates of your trip. As of the time of this writing, options include:

2nd Day Free Ticket Package

This package includes two days of park tickets and a hotel stay.

Book Early & Save Package

This package includes a free third night and three days of tickets.

LEGOLAND Florida All Inclusive Package

This package includes your hotel stay, tickets, meals, valet, DigiPass, a souvenir cup, a lanyard, and mini golf.

Pro tip: Skip this package. It makes no financial sense.

LEGOLAND Florida Resort Military Discounts

LEGOLAND Florida military discounts are available to active duty, veterans, and their families. As of the time of this writing, the following discounts are available:

1. Free theme park and water park admission for active duty military personnel

2. 25% off LEGOLAND Florida tickets for veterans and military family

3. Discounted LEGOLAND Florida hotel rooms

LEGOLAND Florida for Teachers

LEGOLAND seems to think teachers will use free passes to research field trips. This seems unlikely, but teachers, get your free passes. As of the time of this writing, the following passes are available:

Standard Teacher Pass

The Standard Teacher Pass is free. For a year. Seriously. This pass gets you into the theme park, but not the water park. It also includes free admission to SEA LIFE Orlando and Madame Tussauds Orlando (because every good second grade field trip ends there), and discounts for LEGOLAND Florida hotels.

Teacher Park Combo Pass

The Teacher Park Combo Pass costs $59.99 as of the time of this writing. The added cost gets you into the water park in addition to the perks with the Standard Pass.

Note: Neither pass includes parking.

LEGOLAND Florida images camel

B. LEGOLAND Florida Third Party Vendors

You can sometimes get good LEGOLAND Florida deals through third party vendors like Undercover Tourist, Viator, or Tiqets.

Pro tip: If you’re visiting multiple attractions, an Orlando CityPass or Go Orlando Pass may be your best bet.

C. Groupon for LEGOLAND Florida

You can often findLEGOLAND Florida Groupon deals on resort stays. Confirm whether the deal includes tickets before you decide if it is the best option.

D. Use Miles and Points

You can save on LEGOLAND Florida using miles and points from your credit cards.

Capital One

Capital One’s Venture cards allow you to erase travel expenses from your statement. If you charge the hotel on this card, you can erase it later.


Redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards points for theme park tickets. You can earn Ultimate Rewards using the Chase Sapphire and Chase Freedom lines of cards.

E. Subscribe to The LEGO Magazine

Kids ages five through nine can subscribe to the free LEGO Magazine. In addition to the entertainment value it provides, it often includes coupons for discounted tickets.

LEGOLAND Florida photos pharaoh

4. LEGOLAND Florida Tips for Fastrack

Fastrack is a LEGOLAND Florida fast pass system. Unlike the currently suspended FastPass Plus system at Disney World, it comes with an extra cost. This sounds annoying until you realize that almost no one pays for it, so you can jump directly to the front of the line almost every time.

Pro tip: If you purchase Fastrack ahead of time, you need to visit customer service to add it to your ticket. This defies logic, as the purpose of purchasing this LEGOLAND Florida express pass is to skip lines, not wait in an extra one. Arrive early, and do this at the LEGOLAND Florida Big Shop, NOT guest services. We wasted quite a bit of time waiting in line unnecessarily.

Fastrack Options

The Fastrack options as of the time of this writing are:

Fastrack 3-Pack

The Fastrack 3-Pack gives you one time access to three LEGOLAND Florida rides (Coastersaurus, The Dragon, and The Great LEGO Race). Prices vary, but go for around $24 per person.

Fastrack Unlimited

Fastrack Unlimited is an express pass that allows you to skip the line on all attractions as often as you want. It is similar to Universal Express Unlimited at Universal Orlando.

Prices vary by the day, but typically cost around $60 per person as of the time of this writing.

Is it Worth it?

Fastrack 3-Pack

Fastrack 3-Pack is a ripoff that should be avoided. Period.

Fastrack Unlimited

Fastrack Unlimited isn’t cheap. Is it worth it?

Hard yes. LEGOLAND Florida lines move as fast as Sophia walking to the refrigerator to get that cheesecake. Little kids are slow in general, and they get onto rides and buckle seat belts even more slowly. Add to this the fact that half of the seats on the rides are currently blocked out because of COVID-19.

If you can afford this add on and won’t be at the park all the time, this is one of the most important tips for LEGOLAND Florida. Buy it.

Pro tip: If you purchase Fastrack and have your choice of days to visit, visit on a day that may be more crowded with longer park hours. If you don’t have to wait in the lines anyway, who cares if it is more crowded?

Do You Need Fastrack Unlimited if the Park Has Virtual Queues?

Note: The park currently requires guests to get in some LEGOLAND Florida virtual queues free of charge to prevent crowds from forming. This may make Fastrack seem obsolete. It does not.

Guests are limited in the number of LEGOLAND Florida virtual lines they can enter. If they do not get in a virtual line in time, they cannot ride the ride. At all. Guests with Fastrack can walk up to any line, any time, and get on.

LEGOLAND Florida USA Ostrich

5. LEGOLAND Florida VIP Experience

Should you drop a bunch of money on a VIP experience? My gut says it’s not worth it, but it may be for you. If you want to try it, the Red Brick package is probably sufficient. Alternatively, buy Fastrack and save some money. A lot of these extras are fluff.

The options as of the time of this writing are:

Red Brick VIP Experience

This experience starts at $300 per person. It includes:

1. Single day admission

2. VIP escort for four hours

3. One minifigure

4. Priority access to rides and attractions

5. Reserved seating for shows

6. Exclusive tour of the model shop (allowing you to spend more money)

7. 10% off retail shops

8. Lanyard

Silver Brick VIP Experience

This experience starts at $500 per person and includes:

1. Single day admission

2. VIP escort for seven hours

3. One minifigure

4. Priority access to rides and attractions

5. Reserved seating for shows

6. Exclusive tour of the model shop

7. 10% off retail shops

8. Lanyard

9. Valet parking

10. Family photo (in case you don’t own a cell phone)

11. Digital photo package

12. Refreshments (with unspecified details)

LEGOLAND Florida tips and tricks lions

Gold Brick VIP Experience

The Gold Brick package starts at a whopping $700 per person. It includes:

1. Single day admission

2. VIP escort for seven hours

3. Priority access to rides and attractions

4. Reserved seating for shows

5. Exclusive tour of the model shop

6. 10% off LEGOLAND Florida gift shops

7. Lanyard

8. Valet parking

9. Family photo

10. Digital photo package

11. Lunch and snacks

12. Building session with a take home model

13. Gift bag

Water Park Upgrade Package

As if the packages above didn’t cost enough, you can spend another $100 per person to add the water park to your day. I cannot imagine how this is worth it. If you want it, you get:

1. Admission to LEGOLAND Florida Water Park

2. Towels

3. Tote bag

4. Aloe and sunscreen

5. Misting fan

6. Unspecified refreshments

Is LEGOLAND in Florida worth it dragon

6. Download the App

Download the free app before you visit. The app gives you current wait times, allows you to get in virtual lines, and has a LEGOLAND Florida park map, among other things.

Note: The theme park does not have Wi-Fi, but the hotels and water park do.

7. What Are the Hours for LEGOLAND Florida?

LEGOLAND Florida hours vary by the day. Check the schedule for the day you are visiting, but expect the hours to be shorter than those of parks like Disney and Universal. You won’t be pulling an all nighter here.

8. Arrive Early

LEGOLAND Florida is at its least crowded first thing in the morning. You can get more done in the morning than the entire rest of the day. Arrive before park opening to take advantage of this time. If you arrive when the park opens or some time thereafter, you will fight crowds all day.

9. LEGOLAND Florida Tips for Parking

LEGOLAND has parking in both standard and preferred lots. At least some of the preferred parking has solar panels to shade cars. I wouldn’t pay extra for this, but the idea of getting into a cooler car after walking around a hot theme park all day does not sound unappealing.

Prepay parking to save time. As of the time of this writing, parking costs around $22 for standard and $31 for preferred.

LEGOLAND Florida travel tips parking

10. Mobility Rentals Are Available

You can rent strollers, ECVS, and wheelchairs at LEGOLAND Florida. You can reserve these for a specific date online ahead of time to ensure availability.

11. What Are the Rides and Attractions?

Download the LEGOLAND Florida map or pick up a paper copy at the park to prioritize what is most important to you.

LEGO Florida Ninjago World Section

LEGO Ninjago World is one of the best themed areas in the park. It has places for kids to climb and things with which to tinker. You can also meet characters here. The ride is not the only reason to visit.

tips on LEGOLAND Florida lightning


LEGO NINJAGO the Ride is a shooting game that allows the members of your car to compete. Instead of using guns, you wave your arm around wildly and hope for the best. My six year old with both terrible vision and aim won every time, so that should give you a sense of its accuracy. This is one of the most unique rides in the park, and definitely worth a stop.

LEGOLAND Florida Height Requirement: None, but guests under 48″ must be accompanied by someone that is at least 14 years old

tips for going to LEGOLAND Florida Ninjago

LEGO Technic Section

AQUAZONE Wave Racers

AQUAZONE Wave Racers is a wild ride in a circle on a wave runner. It is standing room only, and moves quite fast. You can control whether your car moves in or out. Water is sprayed. It is a good time for all.

Height Requirement: 40″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 52″ to ride alone


Local LEGOLAND Discovery Centers often have this ride as well. You have to manually pedal a bike to raise your car into the air while you spin in a circle. Kids just chill while the adults do the work, so it represents a typical day at home.

Height Requirement: 36″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone

how to do LEGOLAND Florida Technicycle

The Great LEGO Race

This is one of the best rides at the park. LEGOLAND Florida roller coasters are few and far between. This one has virtual reality capabilities. The line builds on this one, so get there early if you didn’t buy Fastrack.

Height Requirement: 42″ to ride without the virtual reality headset AND with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone

what to know before going to LEGOLAND Florida? LEGO Race

Technic Tot Spot

Technic Tot Spot is a play area for young children to enjoy while their older siblings ride things they cannot.

Height Requirement: None

Fun Town Section

LEGOLAND Florida 4D Theater

The 4D Theater gets bonus points because of its air conditioning. Plan to see movies in the afternoon when the lines for the rides are long and you need a break.

The 4D theater schedule changes. As of the time of this writing, you can see LEGO CITY 4D – Officer in Pursuit!, LEGO NINJAGO – Master of the 4th Dimension, and THE LEGO MOVIE 4D: A New Adventure.

how to plan a trip to LEGOLAND Florida movie

This carousel is two levels. It holds a lot of kids, so you can get through the line fairly quickly if adults stay off.

Height Requirement: None, but people under 48″ must ride with someone who is over 48″ and at least 14 years old

what to know before going to legoland florida carousel

Land of Adventure Section

Beetle Bounce

Beetle Bounce bounces children up and down on a bench in the air. The line moves like molasses, particularly in COVID times, but small kids love it.

Height Requirement: 36″

tips and tricks for legoland florida beetle bounce

LEGOLAND Florida Lost Kingdom Adventure

Lost Kingdom Adventure is another must do. It is a shooting ride with actual guns, indoors, and in air conditioning. Prepare for some temper tantrums healthy competition between the kids.

Height Requirement: 30″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 42″ to ride alone

LEGOLAND Florida Fast Track Unlimited Lost Kingdom Adventure

Pharaoh’s Revenge

Pharaoh’s Revenge is a play area where your child can shoot foam balls. It is closed during COVID, but I’m sure it will go back to looking like a scene from War of the Worlds in no time.

Height Requirement: None


Coastersaurus is a small roller coaster that takes you by some dinosaurs. The ride feels as smooth as a ride in a Jeep in the actual Jurassic Park.

Height Requirement: 36″ to ride with someone ages 18 and over, 48″ to ride alone

LEGOLAND Fast Track Unlimited Coastersaurus

Safari Trek

Safari Trek is a slow moving ride through LEGO jungle animals. It gives kids the illusion they are driving. They are not.

Height Requirement: 34″ to ride with someone ages 18 and over, 48″ to ride alone

LEGOLAND Florida tips elephant

LEGO Kingdoms Section

LEGO Kingdoms has fun, Medieval Times-like theming. In addition to the rides, the area has The Forestmen’s Hideout, a play structure for older kids with ropes and ladders.


Royal Joust

Royal Joust is a slow moving, seemingly uncomfortable ride, for small children around a track on a horse. This ride loads slowly. Like really. The ride has an age cap, and the employees ask the kids their ages in line. It’s like when we used to get carded, but without the Zima.

Height Requirement: 36″, and only available for children between ages 4 and 12 who weigh less than 170 pounds

Royal Joust

The Dragon

We are big fans of this one. The Dragon is a small roller coaster you board in a castle. It combines some minor speed with a slow moving section with LEGO animatronics. This is a LEGOLAND Florida must do.

Height Requirement: 40″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone


Merlin’s Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge is a ride in a circle in cars resembling LEGOs. There isn’t anything special about the theming, so it is not a big deal to miss this one if you run out of time.

Height Requirement: 36″ to ride with some who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone



MINILAND USA is a walk through area with elaborate LEGO structures. This is a good option for the afternoon when crowds are high if you can take the heat outside.


LEGO City Section

Ford Driving School

Driving school is terrifying. Kids drive cars around a trackless area, slam into each other, and give you a glimpse into the future that you can do without. They are given a business card license at the end. You can pay extra to add their pictures. Don’t.

Height Requirement: None, but it is for ages 6 through 13 only

Driving School

Ford Jr. Driving School

Ford Junior Driving School is a smaller version of the ride for older kids. They crash more, but with less force.

Height Requirement: None, but it is only for ages 3 through 5

Boating School

In keeping with the theme of letting children take control of things they should not, Boating School lets kids drive boats. It is a circle, but there is no track. There are regular rescue missions by employees to free children who are traveling in the wrong direction. This line moves slowly, so try to visit at an off time.

Height Requirement: 34″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone

Boating school

Flying School

Are we seeing a theme in this section? Flying School is a roller coaster that does not require a child to pilot it, so it is different from the others. It is a suspended coaster, and one of the most popular rides at the park.

Height Requirement: 44″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 52″ to ride alone

NFPA Rescue Academy

This ride requires you to manually pump a lever up and down to race another vehicle. You probably need an adult to have a shot at winning.

Height Requirement: 34″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ to ride alone

Fire academy

Tot Spot

Tot Spot is a play area for toddlers to enjoy while older siblings do all the things they cannot.

Height Requirement: None

LEGOLAND Florida Imagination Zone Section

In addition to the towers below, this area houses a large play structure with lots of LEGOs.

Kid Power Towers

Manual labor at its finest. This ride requires you to pull yourself up a tower with a rope. Don’t you lift your kids and their crap all day in real life? On top of that, the line is torture. This one isn’t a priority, but stop if you have time.

Height Requirement: 30″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 42″ to ride alone

LEGO Movie World Section

In addition to the rides, you can meet LEGO Movie characters at Emmet’s Super Suite in this section.

LEGO Movie

Battle of Bricksburg

This ride will get you more wet than Napoleon Dynamite after a dance practice. You move slowly and shoot water at people. People in other boats, as well as bystanders and random fountains, hit you much harder than you will ever hit them. The ride is fine if you are OK with this, but if you’re not, you should avoid it.

Height Requirement: None, but kids under 48″ or age 6 must ride with someone who is at least 16

Battle of Bricksburg

Benny’s Play Ship

Benny’s Play Ship is a small play area with a rocket theme. It looks incredibly difficult to climb into to fish your child out, and hot to boot.

Height Requirement: None

THE LEGO MOVIE Masters of Flight

This ride seems to have the longest wait times of all as of the time of this writing. It lifts you off the ground and shakes you over a screen, giving you the illusion you are flying. So, Soarin’, except not quite as good.

Height Requirement: 40″ to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 52″ to ride alone


LEGOLAND Florida Unikitty Disco Drop

This ride bounces kids up and down while spinning. Most will be able to handle it, and some might even enjoy it. However, this ride loads more slowly than any other in the park in our experience, particularly when seats are blocked for COVID. If you don’t have Fastrack, be sure you are ready to commit before getting in line.

Height Requirement: 40″ and at least 3 years old to ride with someone who is at least 14 years old, 48″ and at least 6 years old to ride alone

Blue seats

Cypress Gardens Section

Botanical Gardens

You know how sometimes you know Grandma is going to be bored on a trip, so you throw in a stop at the rug hooking store? Botanical Gardens is the rug hooking store of LEGOLAND Florida. There are some trees. Kids won’t care.

DUPLO Valley Section

DUPLO Splash & Play

The DUPLO Splash & Play section has a splash pad with soft surfaces for toddlers. Older children will not be interested.

Height Requirement: None

DUPLO Tractor

This ride is a slow moving line of tractors designed for small children, but my kids weren’t above riding it. The line does not load quickly, and the experience is certainly not worth a long wait.

Height Requirement: None, but kids under 42″ must ride with someone who is at least 14 years old and 48″


DUPLO Tot Spot

DUPLO Tot Spot is a play area designed for children younger than age 2. It gives toddlers a place to play where they won’t get trampled.

Height Requirement: None

Duplo Train

Duplo Train is a slow moving train ride. This line also loads slowly and is not worth a long wait.

Height Requirement: None, but kids under 34″ must ride with someone who is at least 48″

LEGOLAND Florida for toddlers train

Florida Prepaid Schoolhouse

This is an indoor play area for young children. It also houses the Baby Care Center.

Height Requirement: None

Duplo valley

Heartlake City

Mia’s Riding Adventure

The Gravitron Mia’s Riding Adventure is a nauseating ride on plastic horses. It both spins and slides back and forth in a swinging motion. Adults who don’t like spinning won’t do well on this one.

Height Requirement: 48″

Mia's Riding Adventure

12. Parent Swap is Available if Your Toddler is Holding You Back

If you want to ride something that your kid can’t, you and another adult can take turns riding without waiting in line twice. The entire family, including the child who can’t ride, does need to wait in line once. If you have an older child who can ride, he or she can go twice.

13. Baby Care Center

To its credit, LEGOLAND Florida offers a Baby Care Center in Duplo Valley. The area has changing stations, rocking chairs, a microwave, and a refrigerator.

Pro tip: Cell phone charging stations are available in the Baby Care Center.

Bonus pro tip: Bring a portable cell phone charger to the park so you don’t have to worry about it.

14. Lockers Are Available

I generally find lockers to be a rip off at theme parks, but if you need one, they are available at the front of the park and water park.

Pro tip: Avoid this charge by bringing less stuff or utilizing package pick-up.

15. Package Pick-up

The park wants to make it easy for you to spend money. You can make purchases at the stores, and pick them up at the front of the park on the way out. You don’t need to carry your overpriced LEGO set around all day. Alternatively, take note of what you want to own in the store, then Google the word “Amazon”. LEGOLAND Florida prices are inflated.


16. LEGOLAND Florida Tips for Touring Plans

If you visit LEGOLAND Florida sans Fastrack Unlimited, you probably will not have time to do everything you want to do. In this case, one of the most important LEGOLAND Florida vacation tips is to make a touring plan with your family’s top priorities before you arrive.

Generally speaking, a plan that maximizes your time should include:

1. Arriving early

2. Eating at off times

3. Starting at the back of the park

17. Where Should You Eat?

I’m not going to sugar coat this. The dining options at LEGOLAND Florida blow. Theme park food doesn’t have a reputation for being good, and LEGOLAND Florida lives up to this stereotype. The park is lacking options in general. There aren’t very many dining locations, and every single one has a line a mile deep. All. Day. Long.

On the plus side, there is alcohol.


LEGOLAND Florida food prices are higher than you will find at home, but not as expensive as other theme parks.

LEGOLAND Florida Dining with Dietary Restrictions

The LEGOLAND Florida food may be subpar, but to its credit, it does offer a dietary guide for people with allergies. It offers gluten free bread and pizza. Gluten free is totally doable.

Souvenir Cup

You can purchase a souvenir cup with unlimited refills for the day for around $17. Refillable cups are my jam when you can use them all season, but for one day? Eh. Purchase this if you want the souvenir or it will make financial sense for you.

Granny Apple Fries Combo

You can pre-purchase an apple fries and drink combo on LEGOLAND Florida’s website. I find this option bizarre. It costs about $8, so I don’t think this is a great deal.

Apple fries, while gluten free, are not as exciting as people make them out to be. If it makes sense to you, fine, but this option seems more inconvenient than anything else. You still have to wait in line, right?

Apple Fries

18. Can You Bring in Outside Food?

LEGOLAND Florida lets you bring in water, food that does not require heating or refrigeration, and baby needs. Big coolers, glass, and alcohol are no-nos.

19. You Can Leave and Come Back

You are allowed to leave LEGOLAND Florida and re-enter on the same day, which is a more generous policy that that offered at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. If you want to go off property to eat, that is an option, but it will be a terrible use of your time.

20. Should You Buy a Photo Package?

LEGOLAND Florida offers DigiPass for $30 per family per day. This includes photos taken on rides and with characters. While $30 per day sounds like a steal compared to Disney World’s Memory Maker, I do not think this price is worth it.

There aren’t many rides that produce great photos. You have a cell phone for character photos. Use that, and save your money.

21. LEGOLAND Florida Minifigure Trading

LEGOLAND Florida allows guests to trade minifigures with employees. You can bring your own or purchase them there.


22. LEGOLAND Florida Tips for Inclement Weather

LEGOLAND Florida’s Rainy Day Guarantee allows guests to return within the following 365 days if the rides are affected by rain for more than 120 minutes. This does not apply to annual passholders. LEGOLAND Florida ticket prices aren’t cheap. Don’t lose your ticket due to bad weather.

Pro tip: You have to go to LEGOLAND Florida guest services to ask for a new ticket. They aren’t passing them out like flyers for strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Hurricane Policy

You can reschedule your entire vacation without fees if there is a hurricane warning in the area of LEGOLAND OR your home. This policy only applies to people who book directly. Fees may not be waived on third party LEGOLAND Florida bookings.

23. LEGOLAND Florida Tips During COVID-19

LEGOLAND Florida is trying to avoid the bad press that comes with a COVID-19 outbreak at its park. I would not say all of the guests are onboard. If you truly want to stay six feet away from people at all times, you should delay your trip until you feel more comfortable in crowds.

As of the time of this writing, measures include:

Cashless Transactions

Leave the cash at home. You should do this anyway, because cash does not earn miles and points or cash back of any kind.

Masks Required

Does LEGOLAND Florida require masks? As of the time of this writing, it does, but the rules vary throughout the resort.

At the Theme Park

Masks are required for guests ages 8 and older in indoor locations and on rides. I saw employees enforcing this rule by instructing guests to cover their mouths and noses. Four seconds after said enforcement, the guests put the masks back around their necks as soon as the employees turned their backs. I have to imagine this problem will only get worse as the weather heats up.

At the LEGOLAND Florida Water Park

The official LEGOLAND Florida mask policy is that they must be worn while guests are dry. Whether this is put into practice is up for debate.

At the Resort

The official policy seems to be that guests are “encouraged” to wear masks.


Temperature Checks

Guests’ and employees’ temperatures are taken at the LEGOLAND Florida entrance. If you are above 100.4, you will be sent packing.

Height Checks

Kids’ heights are checked at the front. They are given a wristband to use throughout the day, so they don’t have to constantly rub up against that stick.

Social Distancing Markers

Social distancing markers are placed throughout the park. Of course, for this to be effective, guests actually need to stand on them.

Socially Distanced Shows

Employees seat guests for the shows to ensure they do not sit on top of each other.

Socially Distanced Rides

Employees leave space between guests on rides. This was torture.

Rides at LEGOLAND Florida already load like sloths are running the show. Little kids are slow, and incapable of buckling their own seat belts. Now, remove half the seats from every single ride. Do you see the problem here?

Limited Capacity at Stores and LEGOLAND Florida Restaurants

This wasn’t great either. I love the idea of not being on top of strangers, but the restaurants really could not handle the number of people who wanted to eat.

We waited more than thirty minutes for counter service burgers at 2:30 p.m. when the lunch rush should have been over. Finding somewhere to eat was the hardest part of our day, which I fully acknowledge is a first world problem.

Enhanced Cleaning

LEGOLAND claims to be cleaning more. It did look pretty clean, actually, so I don’t doubt this one. The water park is now cleaning the life jackets between uses, which I kind of assumed they had been doing anyway.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

There are hand sanitizing station placed throughout the park.


The stores and restaurants have plexiglass placed between the employees and guests.

Socially Distanced Parking

LEGOLAND Florida COVID rules require cars to be socially distanced. I’m not complaining. However, this is yet another reason to arrive early, or your walk through the parking lot will feel a lot like a cruise on the Oregon Trail.

LEGOLAND Florida and COVID sign

24. Should You Stay at a LEGOLAND Florida Hotel?

LEGOLAND Florida is comprised of three resorts, the LEGOLAND Hotel, Beach Retreat, and Pirate Island Hotel. The properties are located right next to the theme parks, so their convenience cannot be beat.

Stays include free breakfast and parking, and the theming is bomb. The rooms are a good size with bunk beds in a separate area of the room from the regular bed for privacy. They are heavily themed and super cute. Kids get little LEGO presents in their rooms each day.

The resorts have pools and activities throughout the day. You can also play LEGOLAND Florida mini golf and go on a pontoon boat ride for an extra cost. The hotels are a small child’s dream.

With that said, the resorts are EXPENSIVE. Like really.

Is the Added Cost of an On Property Stay Worth it?

Is it worth it? That’s up to you. They are convenient, but there isn’t a perk that grants guests early entry to the park like at Disney. We didn’t stay on property on our most recent trip, and the kids were super crabby about it. Next time we go, we will probably be on property again.

LEGOLAND in Florida Hotel

25. LEGOLAND Florida Tips for Weather

Winter Haven has nice weather for half of the year, and transports itself to the core of the sun for the other half. It also gets a lot of rain, so pack accordingly. Average temperatures are as follows:


Average High: Mid 70s

Average Low: Low 50s


Average High: Mid 80s

Average Low: Low 60s


Average High: Low 90s

Average Low: Low 70s


Average High: Mid 80s

Average Low: Mid 60s

26. How Many Days Do You Need?

The theme park has a lot to do. In addition to the rides, there are several play areas and shows. The lines for most attractions are akin to those nerds fans form before the release of a new Star Wars movie. If you don’t have Fastrack, it is highly unlikely that you’ll ride everything in one day. One top of all of that, park hours tend to be limited.

LEGOLAND Florida in one day is doable, but two days is ideal, particularly if you want to visit the water park as well.

27. Who Should Visit?

Is LEGOLAND Florida fun for adults and teenagers? That is subjective, but I think for most people, the answer is no.

Is LEGOLAND good for 3 year olds? Absolutely. It is a cute park with great theming that caters largely to young children. This means the park is packed with screaming toddlers. An ideal LEGOLAND Florida age range is probably between toddler and preteen.

Another major downside to this park for adults is its location. There is basically nothing near LEGOLAND Florida. It takes some effort to get there.

The bottom line is, I wouldn’t take a day away from Universal or Disney World to visit unless your kids fall squarely within LEGOLAND’s target demographic. A trip to LEGOLAND Florida is not convenient. If you think your kids will enjoy it and would like to mix up your trip, it is worth a stop.


28. What Should I Bring to LEGOLAND Florida?

Staying at the hotel? Check out this free LEGOLAND Florida packing list.

You don’t need to bring a lot with you to the parks, but your day bag might include:

A. Baby things you need for the day

B. Identification

C. Park tickets

D. Methods of payment

E. Sunscreen

F. Masks

G. Hand sanitizer

H. Cell phone and portable cell phone charger

I. Feminine hygiene products

J. Tissue

K. Hats

L. Sunglasses

M. Gum

N. Ponchos or rain jackets 

O. Pain relievers

P. Chapstick

Q. Refillable water bottle


S. Cooling towels – Only if it’s really hot outside

T. Motion sickness medication


Final Thoughts – LEGOLAND Florida Tips

LEGOLAND Florida is a small park that appeals to young children who love LEGOs. If this describes your kids and you are up for a road trip, consider a visit. Fastrack Unlimited will improve your day in a big way if you can afford it.

Visit LEGOLAND Florida park with little kids with appropriate expectations and Fastrack Unlimited. You will (probably) be glad you did.

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