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What to Pack for an Orlando Trip: Only Bring What You Need

Journey to Atlantis

Are you planning a trip to central Florida? It’s safe to assume you’re visiting theme parks. The ocean is not within easy reach. Don’t bring unnecessary items. This is what to pack for an Orlando trip.

What to Pack for an Orlando Trip

1. Clothing

2. Accessories

3. Medications and First Aid

4. Toiletries

5. Baby Items

6. Methods of Payment

7. Documentation

8. Miscellaneous Items

9. Theme Park Day Bag Packing

LEGOLAND Florida orlando trip

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What to Pack for an Orlando Trip

1. Clothing

Orlando is located approximately four miles from the surface of the sun. Check the weather at the time of your visit. The averages are as follows:


Average High: Low 90s

Average Low: Mid-70s

Orlando Average Rainfall: 7.9 inches


Average High: Mid-80s

Average Low: High 60s

Orlando Average Rainfall: 3.9 inches


Average High: Mid-70s

Average Low: Low 50s

Orlando Average Rainfall: 2.7 inches


Average High: Mid-80s

Average Low: Low 60s

Orlando Average Rainfall: 3.2 inches

What to Add to Your Orlando Packing List

Pro tip: If you want to pack light (and you should), consider packing laundry pods and doing laundry on a break day. You just cut the amount of junk you need to haul around the airport in addition to your children in half. If your airline doesn’t offer free checked bags, this will save you money as well.

A. T-shirts – If you don’t plan to do laundry, one or two extra at most should be enough.

B. Shorts – One pair more than the number of days of your trip is plenty.

C. Underwear 

D. Bras 

E. Sandals or flip-flops

F. Gym shoes

G. Socks – Bring one or two pairs above the number of days you are planning to wear real shoes.

H. Pajamas – You don’t need extra unless you are worried about child accidents.

I. Pants – Check the weather.

J. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket – Check the weather.

K. Swimwear – Two per person. Hang wet suits in the bathroom and alternate. Do not bring them to the theme parks. It is not worth the hassle. The sun will dry your clothes in four seconds after a water ride.

What Not to Pack

A. Formal wear 

B. Workout gear – Unless you are participating in a marathon at the parks, the odds of you wanting to work out after a long, hot day are pretty slim.

C. Costumes – People over age 14 aren’t allowed to wear them to Disney World unless they are attending a special event. For kids, they are hot and unwieldy, so try to avoid them if possible. You will most certainly end up carrying them.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey orlando trip

2. Accessories

In this instance, accessories are items that make your life easier. They are not meant to make you pretty. The humidity kills any possibility of that happening anyway.

What to Bring When Packing for Orlando

A. Hair ties 

B. Hats – In addition to or instead of sunglasses.

C. Sunglasses – In addition to or instead of hats.

D. Ponchos – Plan on a daily afternoon monsoon. I don’t bring ponchos to many places, but they are a must in Orlando in the summer.

E. Goggles

F. Magic Band for Disney World – If you purchase one.

G. Belt – If needed.

H. Harry Potter wand and other gear – Universal only.

What Not to Pack

A. Umbrellas 

B. Floaties – Only bring these if your resort doesn’t provide life jackets.

C. A large selection of jewelry 

EPCOT orlando trip

3. Medications and First Aid

You need these things, but you don’t need a three-month supply. Condense these items, and only pack what you need for the trip.

What to Add to Your Orlando Trip Packing List

A. Medications

B. Pain relievers – For both children and adults.

C. Motion sickness medication

D. Vitamins

E. Thermometer 


G. Antibacterial cream

H. Any necessary medical equipment

What Not to Pack

A. Full bottles of anything

Expedition Everest

4. Toiletries

Pro tip: Purchase travel bottles to bring your favorite products in smaller quantities.

What to Pack for Orlando Trips

A. Toothbrush

B. Toothpaste

C. Floss

D. Mouthwash

E. Hand sanitizer

F. Chapstick

G. Contact solution and extra contacts

H. Glasses

I. Face wash

J. Lotion – The hotel will probably provide some, but it will likely have a scent.

K. Shampoo – Only if you need a special kind.

L. Conditioner – Same as the shampoo.

M. Body wash – Some hotels provide this, but others only have bars of soap.

N. Loofah

O. Razor

P. Deodorant 

Q. Cotton swabs

R. Sunscreen

S. Feminine hygiene products 

T. Makeup and remover

U. Tweezers

V. Hairbrush

W. Hair styling products

X. Laundry detergent pods

Y. Tissue

Z. Nail file

What Not to Pack

A. Anything you can get from the hotel

B. Hair dryer – Confirm your hotel offers it, but even the cheapest of hotels usually do.

C. Nail clippers – Clip your nails before you leave.

Rise of the Resistance

5. Baby Items

What to Add to Your Orlando Packing Checklist

A. Stroller – Renting from theme parks or an outside company is also an option.

B. Car seat – You might not need to bring a car seat. A lot of ground transportation providers offer them. Check before you go.

C. Formula and baby food 

D. Bibs

E. Breast pump and accessories 

F. Bottles

G. Sippy cups 

H. Diapers – Both regular and swim.

I. Wipes

J. Pacifiers

K. Dish soap to clean bottles

L. Baby sling 

What Not to Pack

A. Pack and Play – Your hotel almost definitely offers these.

B. High chair 

C. Baby monitor – Unless you are staying in a giant hotel room, you shouldn’t have an issue hearing your kid from three feet away.

wizarding world of harry potter

6. Methods of Payment

What to Pack for an Orlando Vacation

A. Disney gift cards – These may be the most cost-effective option. You can combine them up to $1,000 per card so you don’t have to bring fifty of them.

B. Credit cards – This is the way to go if you don’t want to hoard discounted Disney gift cards. Get some miles and points for your trouble.

C. Disney Visa credit card – This isn’t your best payment method, but it will get you into the Disney Visa meet and greets with characters in the theme parks.

D. Cash – Keep this to a minimum. It can be lost or stolen and there is no financial benefit to using it. LEGOLAND Florida is cashless.

What Not to Pack

A. Debit card – Will you be visiting an ATM? If not, skip it.

B. A lot of cash 

Tower of Terror

7. Documentation

What to Pack (or Make Sure You Can Access from Your Phone)

A. Identification for all travelers – Kids aren’t technically required to have it, but it is safer to have it anyway.

B. Priority Pass card – If you have it, for airport lounge access.

C. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes

D. Hotel reservation confirmations 

E. Dining reservation confirmations

F. Theme park tickets 

G. Rental car and ground transportation reservation confirmations 

H. Proof of car insurance – Only if renting a car.

I. Health insurance card

J. Touring plans 

What Not to Pack

A. Any unnecessary or duplicate documentation with your personal information

Cinderella Castle

8. Miscellaneous

What to Pack for a Trip to Orlando

A. Hotel room and airplane entertainment 

B. Snacks – For the airplane and hotel room. Don’t drag a bunch of food around a theme park. Disney has a liberal outside food policy, meaning almost everything is allowed. LEGOLAND, not so much.

C. Gum 

D. Refillable water bottle 

E. Cell phones and chargers

F. Portable cell phone charger – This is a must for theme parks. You need to use the parks’ apps to maximize your day. Your phone won’t make it.

G. Lanyard – Optional, but especially useful at Universal which still has paper express passes.

H. Autograph book – If your kid cares about meeting characters.

I. Noise-canceling headphones – The shows and fireworks are loud. Bring these if the noise will freak your kid out.

J. Refillable cups and popcorn buckets 

K. Waterproof cell phone case

L. Cooling towels

M. LEGO Minifigures for trading at LEGOLAND

What Not to Pack

A. Pool toys

B. Night light – Leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked.

C. Extra towels 

D. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

E. Shoe organizer – You shouldn’t have enough shoes to require organization.

F. Cameras – Phones have cameras now.

Toy Story Ride

9. Theme Park Day Bag Packing

What to Add to Your Orlando Park Packing List

A. Theme park tickets

B. Identification

C. Methods of payment

D. Disney Visa credit card

E. Hand sanitizer

F. Sunscreen

G. Feminine hygiene products

H. Tissue

I. Gum

J. Cell phone and portable cell phone charger

K. Ponchos

L. Pain relievers

M. Hats

N. Sunglasses

O. Chapstick

P. Refillable water bottle

Q. Motion sickness medication


S. Baby stuff you need on a typical day

T. Touring plans

U. Dining reservations 

V. Kids autograph book

W. Noise-canceling headphones 

X. Lanyard

Y. Refillable cups and popcorn buckets

Z. Magic Band (Disney World only)

AA. Cooling towels 

BB. LEGO Minifigures (LEGOLAND only)

CC. Harry Potter wand and other gear (Universal only)

Jurassic park ride

Final Thoughts – What to Pack for an Orlando Trip

Orlando theme parks are fun. They are also hot and crowded. Don’t bring unnecessary junk that will add to your stress. Know what to pack for a trip to Orlando to make your life as easy as possible so you can enjoy the trip with your family.

what to pack for an orlando trip in

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What to Pack for an Orlando Trip

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