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Alaska Disney Cruise Packing List: Don’t Overpack

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Going on a Disney Cruise to Alaska is exciting. It must be awesome, because it cost the same as your last car, right? It is natural to want to ensure you have everything you need, but don’t overpack. What needs to be on your Alaska Disney Cruise packing list?

What Needs to Be on Your Alaska Disney Cruise Packing List?

1. Rules and Restrictions

2. Clothing

3. Accessories

4. Toiletries

5. Baby Travel Necessities

6. Methods of Payment

7. Documentation

8. Medications and First Aid

9. Miscellaneous

10. Items for Your Carry-On Bag

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Alaska Disney Cruise Packing List

1. Disney Cruise Packing Rules

How Many Bags Can You Bring on a Disney Cruise?

The Disney Cruise baggage allowance lets each person bring two bags weighing up to 50 pounds each, one carry-on, and one personal item. Do not feel the need to max this out. If you travel with a family of four, you do not want to haul eight bags weighing four hundred pounds around the airport.

What Can You Not Bring on a Disney Cruise?

Going on a cruise is not the same as staying at a hotel. You cannot bring everything you can on land. There is a complete prohibited items list on the website, but the highlights (some obvious and some not) include:

Firearms and weapons (including knives and scissors longer than 4″)

Toys resembling firearms

Pool floats 




Large coolers


Inflatable mattresses

Musical instruments

Over-the-door hanging organizers

Power tools

Remote control vehicles

Most sporting equipment

Most recreational equipment (like skates and some wagons)

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2. Clothing

Disney Cruise Line only sails to Alaska in the summer. There is a reason for that. It is really flipping cold there. When we went in June, the high at one of our ports was 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the weather, but plan to be cold.

What to Wear on a Disney Cruise During the Day

Disney Cruise Line is generally cruise casual. During the day, things like jeans and T-shirts are fine. Swimwear and tank tops are not allowed in the dining areas. However, I did not see anyone wearing a normal tank top get turned away. I think the tank top rule is intended to deter hairy men from coming to lunch in their undergarments.

What Do You Wear to Dinner on Disney Alaska Cruises?

Dinner attire is cruise casual on most nights. There are opportunities to dress up, but they are optional. We wore jeans on formal night. It’s fine. Generally, you can expect five cruise casual nights, one formal night, and one semi-formal night.

Disney Cruise Line Dress Code at the Specialty Dining Restaurant

Disney Cruise Line offers specialty dining for adults at Palo at an extra charge. Kids are not welcome. The dress code is slightly more strict, but not much. You can still wear shorts to brunch and jeans are allowed for dinner.

Do Laundry Onboard

Pro tip: If you want to pack light (and you should), consider packing laundry pods and doing laundry onboard. This cuts the items you need to lug around in half. There is always downtime on a cruise. Doing laundry will not ruin your vacation.

Laundry is reasonably priced and convenient. You can put laundry in the machines and walk away. The Disney Cruise Line app will notify you when it is done.

Doing laundry onboard offers the added bonus of saving on checked bags at the airport if your airline doesn’t check them for free.

What Should I Pack for a Disney Cruise?

A. T-shirts – If you won’t do laundry, pack one or two more than the number of days of your trip.

B. Shorts – One or two pairs should be plenty in Alaska.

C. Underwear

D. Bras 

E. Pajamas – You don’t need extra unless you are worried about child accidents.

F. Pants 

G. Nicer shirts – For evenings and dinners.

H. Sandals or flip-flops

I. Socks – Bring one or two pairs above the number of days you plan to wear real shoes.

J. Walking shoes

K. Nicer shoes – For evenings and dinners.

L. Swimwear – One each is plenty. You may not use it at all.

Pro tip: Put swimsuits in your carry-on. You won’t get your luggage for a few hours after embarkation.

M. Any formal wear you want for formal night or Palo

N. Costumes and themed kids’ travel clothes – Optional, but your child may want them for Frozen Night.

Pro tip: If your child wants to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, pack your own princess dress. Disney will sell you a costume. For the price of a black market kidney.

O. Workout gear – If you will use the gym onboard.

P. Rain jacket 

Q. Sweaters or hoodies

What Not to Include in Your Disney Cruise Packing List

A. A sewing kit

B. An iron – It isn’t allowed.

C. Wrinkle release spray – Steam from the shower has the same effect.

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3. Accessories

Accessories are items that make your life easier and not those that make you prettier. With that said, a little jewelry, with an emphasis on “little”, for dressing up is OK.

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise

A. Sunglasses – In addition to or instead of hats.

B. Hats – In addition to or instead of sunglasses.

C. Hair ties 

D. Goggles 

E. Ponchos 

F. Jewelry – If you feel like you need to accessorize, bring a small amount, and nothing expensive.

G. Belt – If needed.

H. Winter hats

I. Gloves

J. Scarves

What Not to Add to Your Disney Packing Checklist

A. Umbrella 

B. Floaties – Lifejackets are available.

C. A large selection of expensive jewelry

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4. Toiletries and Bathroom Disney Packing Essentials

Pro tip: Purchase travel bottles to bring your favorite products in smaller quantities.

What to Add to Your Packing List for a Disney Cruise

A. Contact solution and extra contacts

B. Glasses

C. Hand sanitizer

D. Chapstick

E. Toothbrush

F. Toothpaste

G. Floss

H. Mouthwash

I. Face wash

J. Lotion – Optional. Only bring it if you need a special kind.

K. Deodorant 

L. Tissue

M. Cotton swabs

N. Shampoo – Optional. Bring it only if you need a special kind, like tear-free.

O. Conditioner – Optional. Bring it only if you want or need a specific kind.

P. Body wash – Optional. Bring it only if you need a specific kind.

Q. Loofah

R. Razor

S. Sunscreen

T. Feminine hygiene products 

U. Makeup

V. Makeup remover

W. Tweezers

X. Hairbrush

Y. Hair styling products

Z. Laundry detergent pods

AA. Bug spray 

BB. Nail file 

What Not to Add to Your Disney Checklist

A. Anything offered on the ship

B. Hair dryer – They’re in the staterooms.

C. Nail clippers – Clip your nails before you leave or use a file.

D. Nail polish – Paint from the comfort of your home.

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5. Baby Items

If you decide to take a Disney Cruise with infants or toddlers (which I would seriously rethink), you will need to pack a lot of things. Don’t add to the pile by packing things you don’t need.

What to Add to Your Packing List for a Disney Cruise with Toddlers and Babies

A. Formula and baby food

Pro tip: The dining rooms will make baby food. You may not need all those jars.

B. Bibs

C. Stroller – Optional. Cruises require much less walking than theme parks. Our three-year-old made it through the trip without a stroller. Yours probably can too.

Pro tip: If you need a way to move your slow-moving child from Point A to Point B, consider a sling instead of a stroller. Disney Cruise Line rooms are small, and strollers are not.

D. Baby sling – Optional. Instead of a stroller.

E. Car seat – For ground transportation to and from the port and on excursions, and only if not provided by the companies transporting you.

F. Breast pump and accessories – Be sure to plan so you know where you will be able to store things if you know what I’m saying.

G. Diapers – Both regular and swim.

H. Wipes

I. Bottles

J. Sippy cups 

K. Pacifiers

L. Dish soap to clean bottles

What Not to Add to Your Disney Cruise Family Packing List

A. Baby monitor – You will be able to see and hear the baby at all times in the box that is your room.

Note: Some people leave their kids in their stateroom while they go to another stateroom to drink White Claw visit another person. If you think you want to do that, you should pack the baby monitor.

B. Pack and Play – Pack and plays are available.

C. High chair – The restaurants have them, and you most definitely don’t want them taking up space in your stateroom.

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6. Methods of Payment

Disney cruise ships are essentially cashless. You charge everything to your onboard account (except some cash tips for room service), and settle up at the end. You can pay your balance with cash, credit cards, or my personal favorite, Disney gift cards.

What Should I Pack for a Disney Cruise?

A. Disney gift cards – Disney gift cards are a great way to save a substantial amount. You can combine them up to $1,000 per card so you don’t have to bring fifty of them.

Heads up: The downside to purchasing Disney gift cards is that if you cancel, your refund will be in the form of Disney gift cards. People hit hard by the pandemic found themselves with thousands of dollars on Disney gift cards that they would have preferred to have in their bank accounts. I will continue to buy them, but consider your tolerance for risk.

Pro tip: Put enough on your gift cards to cover the cost of a placeholder ($250 as of the time of this writing) if you decide to book a future cruise.

B. Disney Visa credit card – This isn’t your best method of payment, but it will get you some small perks, including discounted photo packages, merchandise, and spa treatments.

C. Credit cards – Credit cards may not be as cost-effective as Disney gift cards onboard, but they are much better than cash. For spending at the ports, bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fee.

D. Cash – By cash, I mean some dollars to tip room service and random people at the ports. You should not be making it rain with cash on this trip. You get better value from your spending with credit cards and Disney gift cards.

What Not to Add to Your Disney Cruise Line Packing List

A. Debit card – There is no financial benefit to doing so.

B. A lot of cash 


7. Important Documents for Your Disney Cruise Packing List

What to Pack for Disney Cruises

A. Passports for all travelers

B. Health insurance card

C. Priority Pass card – If you have it, for airport lounge access.

D. Airline reservation confirmations and boarding passes 

E. Hotel reservation confirmations 

F. Dining reservation confirmations 

G. Rental car and ground transportation reservation confirmations 

H. Proof of car insurance – Only if renting a car.

I. Confirmations for shore excursions

J. Disney travel documents needed to board the ship as outlined during online check-in.

Pro tip: Don’t forget authorizations to travel with minors if you are bringing a child without his or her parent.

K. Luggage tags – Provided by the cruise line.

L. Proof of travel insurance – If purchased.

M. Global entry card

What Not to Add to Your Disney Packing Lists

A. Any unnecessary or duplicate documentation with your personal information


8. Medications and First Aid

You need your medications, but you don’t need a three-month supply. Condense these items, and only pack what you actually need.

What to Add to Your Disney Cruise Packing List

A. Motion sickness medication and/or Sea-Bands – This is a must-pack, even if you don’t normally get sick. It could mean the difference between a great vacation and a miserable week.

Pro tip: The cruise has free motion sickness medication at guest services.

B. Medications

C. Pain relievers – For both children and adults.

D. Thermometer – It is nice to not have to guess if your kid has a fever or just ate too much junk food.

E. Vitamins


G. Antibacterial cream

H. Any necessary medical equipment

I. Antacids

J. Cough medicine

What to Omit From Your Disney Lists

A. Full bottles of anything

disney cruise alaska view

9. Miscellaneous

What to Add to Your Disney Alaska Cruise Packing Checklist

A. Refillable drink bottle – There are free fountain drinks onboard, but the cups are small. You may also want to bring the bottle onto the islands you visit.

B. Hotel room and airplane entertainment 

C. Snacks – For the plane and hotel room before your cruise, not to bring onboard. Food is everywhere and included. There is no need to bring your own. If you insist, you are allowed to bring non-perishable foods in their original packaging, baby food, and items relating to dietary restrictions. You cannot bring homemade or perishable items.

Pro tip: Disney Cruise Line is great with food allergies. You will have tons of options, so bringing your own food is not as important as it may seem.

D. Cell phones and chargers – You won’t be making calls from the ship, but you will be able to use the Disney Cruise Line app to communicate with your fellow travelers.

E. Gum – Disney doesn’t sell it.

F. Lanyard to hold your Key to the World Card – Optional.

G. Autograph book – Only bring this if your child cares.

H. Noise-canceling headphones – If your kid needs this elsewhere.

I. Disney refillable popcorn bucket – Only bring this if you have it anyway and want to use it. Don’t go out of your way to buy it. Eat food that is included instead.

J. Alcohol – Each guest ages 21 and up can bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne up to 750 ml OR six beers.

Pro tip: Alcohol must be in your carry-on, NOT your checked luggage.

Bonus pro tip: You can replenish your alcohol at ports of call as long as you stick to the rules above each time you bring it on. Liquor purchased at port will be taken and returned to you on debarkation day.

K. Corkscrew – Disney charges an absurd corking fee of $25 per bottle if they have to open your wine for you.

L. Binoculars

What Not to Add to Your Packing List for Disney Cruises

A. Pool toys – Floats aren’t allowed anyway.

B. Night light – Leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked.

C. Shoe organizer – You shouldn’t have enough shoes to require organization.

D. Hamper – An empty suitcase is a rolling laundry basket.

E. Cameras – Phones have cameras now.

F. Snacks for the cruise – Unless your child needs something specific that is not offered onboard.

G. Cooler – Unless you need it for something like breast milk. Disney limits the size of the coolers, so make sure yours will make the cut.

H. Autograph pillowcases – You used to be able to get a pillowcase signed by the characters. No more.

I. Extra towels and cooling cloths – You don’t need them.

J. Travel clothesline and clips – People bring these to hang their swimsuits. The shower curtain rod does the same job.

K. Fish extender gifts – Fish extenders are gift exchanges between guests. That sounds fun and all, but practically speaking, you need to pack an entire suitcase full of crap, and you go home with said suitcase full of other crap.

L. Disney door decorations – A lot of people think these are great. I think they’re a waste of space.

M. Whiteboards and markers – Use the Disney Cruise app to communicate.

N. Power strip – Everything doesn’t need to be plugged in at once all the time.

O. Pins for trading – Some people are really into trading Disney pins. If you’re not one of them, now is not the time to start.

P. Expensive electronics

Q. Selfie sticks and extension poles – They are prohibited.

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10. Embarkation Day Carry-On Disney Travel Bag

When you board the ship, you lose your bags for a few hours, and your room will not be ready until after lunch. Pack a separate carry-on with things you will need right away.

A. Identification

B. Method of Payment

C. Cell phone and charger

D. Swimsuits

E. Sunscreen

F. Refillable bottle

G. Gum

H. Medication

I. Hats

J. Sunglasses

K. Alcohol – Even if you don’t want to drink it. If it’s not in your Disney Cruise carry-on, it will be confiscated until debarkation.

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Final Thoughts – Alaska Disney Cruise Packing List

I understand why people think they need to overpack for a Disney Cruise, but they honestly don’t. Staterooms are small. They will feel even smaller if you are tripping over unnecessary items. In a pinch, you can always buy something from a store onboard or at a port. Packing for Disney Cruises should not be stressful. Less is more.

Try Disney Cruise Line with young kids. You will not regret it.

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